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R & G got off to school on time, happily. It’s odd not having them here. I always rather resent that. I feel “safer” with all my people here, somehow, and worry less about them when they’re home or with someone I trust. I’m afraid I don’t really trust anything so big as a public school to really take care of them individually. They aren’t cattle to be herded around, dammit.

Katie and I went on a nice walk. We’ll try to do that each day, I think—but probably with an earlier start. It’s already hot! She’s settling down with her math now.

I called again about the new Scout troops in this area for the girls. It is amazing how much more excited the service unit director got when I said, “I am a trained leader and willing to help.” I think we’ll actually hear something this time—she was far more specific.

I got the laundry and the dishwasher going. Need to finish cleaning the kitchen and vacuum, though. And deal with our bedroom. It’s too cluttered to be a peaceful retreat at the moment. I don’t want to vacuum while Katie is working—that’s rather distracting. And I want to get the vacuuming done before I go get another shower.

We have an appointment this afternoon, need to pick up and drop off library books, and I want to go by the YMCA to get some information on memberships. We used to have one and just didn’t use it often enough to justify the cost, but my doctor keeps asking me about the water aerobics thing to help my mood and mobility.

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