I was on the phone a lit­tle while ago when anoth­er call come in from a name I did­n’t rec­og­nize at all, so I did­n’t take the call. I just checked the voice mail to find a mes­sage that was…


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I think I may offi­cial­ly have sam­bear’s crud. Yuck. It could just still be icky aller­gies, but I’ve been up much of the night cough­ing due to sinus drainage and my throat feels sand­pa­pered. I was feel­ing fine yes­ter­day, and…

Not Much to Tell

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R & G got off to school on time, hap­pi­ly. It’s odd not hav­ing them here. I always rather resent that. I feel “safer” with all my peo­ple here, some­how, and wor­ry less about them when they’re home or with…

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