Review: Maria V. Snyder’s Study Series

Fire Study by Maria V. Sny­der My review rat­ing: 4 of 5 star­sI strong­ly rec­om­mend read­ing Poi­son Study, Assas­sin Study, Mag­ic Study, and Pow­er Study all at a go. The two novel­las are option­al but canon­i­cal and fun.  Sny­der’s world seems to be made up of just two coun­tries: Ixia and Sitia. When Poi­son Study starts, […]

An Opportunity for Immortality

Going back to this post, keep­ing a data­base of every­body’s book/video/music influ­ences would be a major nui­sance and a waste of resources bet­ter used for oth­er things. You can’t count on every­one hav­ing such things list­ed in a pro­file or on a web­site some­where. There are peo­ple whose imme­di­ate fam­i­ly mem­bers could­n’t give you a […]

Free Classes

Was it some­one here or some­one on a mail­ing list who men­tioned the free online cours­es at the HP Learn­ing Cen­ter? Who­ev­er it was, thank you. I’ve signed up for sev­er­al of them. I’ve always been total­ly over­whelmed by Pho­to­shop. It’s just too much pro­gram for me. LView or Irfan­View have real­ly been enough. But I’m […]

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