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TV Commercials?

Plinky asked, “Com­mer­cials these days: Most­ly enter­tain­ing, or most­ly annoy­ing?”

Emp­ty adver­tis­ing sig­nage

How would I know? Seri­ous­ly, who watch­es com­mer­cials? Most of what I watch is online, and I don’t pay atten­tion to the ads or they’ve been edit­ed out. If I’m with my daugh­ter she has some ser­vice that lets her even pause live tele­vi­sion for a bit, then fast-for­ward through the com­mer­cials. Oth­er­wise, ad time is a good time for read­ing or get­ting up for a stretch.

I real­ize that some peo­ple con­sid­er com­mer­cials to be enter­tain­ing enough that I’m told they watch the Super Bowl just for the new ones that are launched then. I’ve nev­er been that bored. There’s always some­thing to read, sing, play, stitch, or learn with­out seek­ing out adver­tis­ing!

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