My Opinion of Reality TV

Plinky asked, "What do you think of reality television? Do you watch any reality TV shows?"

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I don’t watch any reality TV shows, and I detest every one that I’ve seen except The Sing-Off. Even with it, all I care about is listening to the music. I can’t stand the nonsense with the judges, the “let’s take the contestants to a school/senior center/etc.” segments, or any of the “making of” bits. The personalities usually detract from the music, if you ask me.

All the other reality shows seem to require artificial drama of some sort, which is disgusting and childish. Who wants to see that crap? Not me, for sure. I don’t like conflict between people in my personal life and I don’t want to see it between strangers on television without a really good plot and way better acting than anybody on any reality show is capable of.

I use the television for entertainment, which means escape. I want to see something that’s honestly fictional and very different from my real life or anything I’m likely to encounter, so I watch forensic dramas, police procedurals/mysteries, and science fiction/fantasy shows when I do watch television.

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