Audition – Not Yet

I am SO sleepy! And I have no idea why. I had a long nap yesterday afternoon and I think I was in bed by midnight or so—then I slept until 10 this morning!

Didn’t get to the audition I was going to do last night because I was so sleepy and my throat is still hurting. There’s about an octave missing at the top of my normal range, so I only have about two octaves. The bottom part is really solid but sounds much rougher than usual. This is not a happy thing.

What is a really happy thing is that the person running the auditions called and said I can come next week. I’m really, really hoping that at least some of the top notes come back by then! Or they’ll think I’m an alto or something. And I’m not, really—I’m a “lyric-dramatic soprano” according to my many-years-ago voice teacher. I’ve got the “normal” range for an alto covered, but it’s not where I’m normally most comfortable singing.

Last week another singer suggested a tea called “Throat Coat.” It’s from the same company (Traditional Medicinals) that makes the Gypsy Cold Care tea we keep around. We haven’t found it quite yet, but we’re looking for it.

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