Long Time, No Posts

I’ve been gone so long that I doubt any­one reads this any­more. If the feed is still in any­one’s read­ers, they’ll just be stunned to see some­thing come through! I am still out here. I have notes all over the places where I’ve start­ed writ­ing posts and then…something hap­pens. I get tired or dis­tract­ed or a devel­op a headache, it’s always something. 

Or I write some­thing that real­ly should have been a post, but it’s a com­ment on a mail­ing list or forum some­where. A lit­tle while lat­er I’ll real­ize, “Hey, why did­n’t I put that effort into the blog, where it would­n’t be so ephemeral?” 

So from now on, when a com­ment or ques­tion in one of those places trig­gers writ­ing, I’ll attempt to remem­ber to put it here, hop­ing I actu­al­ly fin­ish and entire thought. I would also appre­ci­ate input from any­one who is still read­ing (if you exist) as to any­thing you would like me to write about. That way I don’t feel as if I’m talk­ing to myself or worse, shout­ing into the void. If you want me to record this lit­tle things as pod­casts, say so!

6 Replies to “Long Time, No Posts”

  1. I’m tick­led to see you post­ing 🙂 Maybe it would be help­ful to oth­er folks to hear about your chal­lenges, and how you’re cop­ing or not coping. 


  2. Since you said you thought no one reads this any­more, I just thought I’d say that I stum­bled upon your tech­nomom blog while look­ing for info on SHE and index cards (even though my nest is com­plete­ly emp­ty, I have FM and a house that is falling down around me). Love your writ­ing… am brows­ing your site map and love your areas of focus. Thank you!

  3. I’m still read­ing your posts on my read­er. We all have down time, don’t wor­ry. It comes with the fibro lifestyle. 🙂

  4. Fun­ny, Benia! I nev­er thought of it as a “fibro lifestyle” — that actu­al­ly makes it seem more of a choice. Thanks!

  5. I feel like I have more of a “chair­style.” One of these days I’m going to post a pho­to of the reclin­er I sit in when I use my computer 🙂

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