Shouldn’t Be This Tired

The girl had an appoint­ment at the doc­tor’s office today, then we had to go to Chil­dren’s Health­care of Atlanta to have an EKG and lab work done–just part of the nor­mal mon­i­tor­ing for some of her meds. And that’s all we did today, oth­er than try­ing to pick up my meds (which weren’t ready) and pop­ping by the mailbox. 

So why did I col­lapse by the time we got home, and why do I still have a damned fever?

It’s ridicu­lous­ly frus­trat­ing to be exhaust­ed from fair­ly non-task­ing errands like that. This kind of thing is why, no, I can’t work, at all, out­side the home. It’s why I could­n’t man­age “nor­mal” col­lege classes.

My SS claim is still in process. They told me last year that I should have a hear­ing sched­uled around March 2008. When I called back in March, I was told to expect to hear some­thing in 90 days or so. Now they’re say­ing maybe next year some­time! So I was­n’t sur­prised to read that Geor­gia has the worst back­log in the nation right now, aver­ag­ing 30 months from the time of the sec­ond denial before an admin­is­tra­tive law judge hear­ing is sched­uled, accord­ing to the SSA rep­re­sen­ta­tive with whom I spoke today. And they’re deny­ing more and more peo­ple at the ini­tial fil­ing and first appeal, too, just to try to get rid of us.

If I thought Cana­da would let me emi­grate, I’d be there.

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3 thoughts on “Shouldn’t Be This Tired

  1. Not that I want to push you to Cana­da (we need all the good peo­ple we can keep here!) but they have an immi­gra­tion plan that is based on accu­mu­lat­ing points — things like abil­i­ty to speak French (at a pret­ty low lev­el) and such. Have you done the quiz?

  2. No, I was­n’t aware of that. I just fig­ured they would­n’t want a dis­abled per­son, period.

    I speak French at a VERY low lev­el, but I test bet­ter than I speak 😉 I think I found the quiz to which you’re refer­ring. The cur­rent pass lev­el is 67, and I got a 78. It would be much high­er if Sam or I had any kind of work arrange­ments there, and we haven’t even looked, so that’s bet­ter than I expect­ed. There’s a sec­tion on their site about hav­ing a med­ical exam done, though–ugh.

    Unfor­tu­nate­ly, Sam does­n’t want to move to Cana­da. Of course, he used to say he nev­er want­ed to leave Geor­gia again, too, so maybe he’ll change his mind 🙂

  3. **snug­gle­hugs**

    My only issue with you mov­ing to Cana­da is that I can’t get to Cana­da in just a 3 day weekend 🙂 

    Think­ing of which, we real­ly do need to plan my next vis­it down there.

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