Shouldn’t Be This Tired

The girl had an appointment at the doctor’s office today, then we had to go to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta to have an EKG and lab work done–just part of the normal monitoring for some of her meds. And that’s all we did today, other than trying to pick up my meds (which weren’t ready) and popping by the mailbox.

So why did I collapse by the time we got home, and why do I still have a damned fever?

It’s ridiculously frustrating to be exhausted from fairly non-tasking errands like that. This kind of thing is why, no, I can’t work, at all, outside the home. It’s why I couldn’t manage “normal” college classes.

My SS claim is still in process. They told me last year that I should have a hearing scheduled around March 2008. When I called back in March, I was told to expect to hear something in 90 days or so. Now they’re saying maybe next year sometime! So I wasn’t surprised to read that Georgia has the worst backlog in the nation right now, averaging 30 months from the time of the second denial before an administrative law judge hearing is scheduled, according to the SSA representative with whom I spoke today. And they’re denying more and more people at the initial filing and first appeal, too, just to try to get rid of us.

If I thought Canada would let me emigrate, I’d be there.

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3 thoughts on “Shouldn’t Be This Tired

  1. Not that I want to push you to Canada (we need all the good people we can keep here!) but they have an immigration plan that is based on accumulating points – things like ability to speak French (at a pretty low level) and such. Have you done the quiz?

  2. No, I wasn’t aware of that. I just figured they wouldn’t want a disabled person, period.

    I speak French at a VERY low level, but I test better than I speak 😉 I think I found the quiz to which you’re referring. The current pass level is 67, and I got a 78. It would be much higher if Sam or I had any kind of work arrangements there, and we haven’t even looked, so that’s better than I expected. There’s a section on their site about having a medical exam done, though–ugh.

    Unfortunately, Sam doesn’t want to move to Canada. Of course, he used to say he never wanted to leave Georgia again, too, so maybe he’ll change his mind 🙂

  3. **snugglehugs**

    My only issue with you moving to Canada is that I can’t get to Canada in just a 3 day weekend 🙂

    Thinking of which, we really do need to plan my next visit down there.

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