Amazon Weirdness

I’m tired. I spent entire­ly too much time over the last 48 hours futz­ing with the library part of this site.

The soft­ware I use to cre­ate that, Now Read­ing, auto­mat­i­cal­ly pulls images of book cov­ers from Ama­zon when­ev­er I add a book to the library. Ama­zon auto­mat­i­cal­ly sets affil­i­ate links up that way, so they’ve already said they don’t mind (there are affil­i­ate links to them on every page, so they are get­ting their traf­fic). I don’t usu­al­ly hotlink to any­thing, but some com­pa­nies actu­al­ly pre­fer it.

For some rea­son, the images keep going away ran­dom­ly. Some are for old­er books, but some are for fair­ly new releas­es, too. Ama­zon still has an image on their pages, but the graph­ics have moved on their servers.

I know they’ve tried to get their affil­i­ates to use their dynam­i­cal­ly-gen­er­at­ed wid­gets, which would pre­sum­ably update them­selves when a file is moved. I don’t care. I want to link to spe­cif­ic items that I’ve read or want to read or want to talk about, not what­ev­er their algo­rithms decide to link to.

Now I get to go through all 600+ books in the library, find images for their cov­ers, save same to my serv­er, and update the library records.


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2 thoughts on “Amazon Weirdness

  1. **twitch**

    I don’t think I could bring myself to do that. 

    I don’t sup­pose there’s any­way to use to make the task eas­i­er? They’ve got some wid­gets list­ed. And a Word­Press plu­g­in. If noth­ing more, if you import a huge list of books, you could snaf­fle the cov­er images from your list of the GoodReads site, instead of search­ing Amazon. 

    Good luck!!

  2. I’m going to have to take it in batch­es, definitely. 

    Ama­zon isn’t actu­al­ly the best site for find­ing cov­ers, odd­ly enough. Too many of them have that “search inside” thing super­im­posed. Now Read­ing has a way around that, but I don’t know enough about php to find its secret.

    Fan­tas­tic Fic­tion has most of the ones I want, which is nice.

    I did­n’t know that I could import books into GoodReads. I’ll have to try that.

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