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WordPress Upgrade Woes

Ack! I upgrad­ed to the lat­est ver­sion of Word­Press (2.5) yes­ter­day, and now one of my favorite plug-ins (Now Read­ing) isn’t work­ing! You can see the books I’m read­ing at the moment over there in the side­bar, and I can get into the admin­is­tra­tive inter­face, but the library dis­play does­n’t work. Any of the actu­al book or author pages come up 404. Meep!

It isn’t just on this blog, either—Fibrant Liv­ing has the same prob­lem.

The WP admin­is­tra­tive inter­face has been com­plete­ly redesigned. I’m not sure what might have been changed behind the scenes, so I’m a lit­tle wor­ried about try­ing to go back to the pre­vi­ous ver­sion.

I’ve post­ed mes­sages in the plug-in author’s forum and bug track­er. I’m hop­ing to hear from him soon! Rob actu­al­ly respond­ed in the com­ments, and the new ver­sion resolved the prob­lem. Yay!

7 comments to WordPress Upgrade Woes

  • I found your site through the Now Read­ing forum, and I’ve had the same prob­lem. After a lit­tle research, it looks like it has some­thing to do with the rewrite rules with Now Read­ing, and Word­Press 2.5 ignor­ing the rewrite rules Now Read­ing is try­ing to use. For the moment, I’ve turned off the “Use mod_rewrite enhanced library?” option in Now Read­ing; you can access the books and library, the URLS just don’t look as pret­ty. I think a new­er ver­sion of Now Read­ing may be com­ing, as Rob seems to be using ver­sion 4.4.2, but the high­est release he has avail­able seems to be 4.4.1. Any­way, just let­ting you know you’re not alone, and shar­ing my tem­po­rary fix.

  • cyn

    Thanks, I’ll try that.

    I’m using 4.4.2, down­loaded from the sub­ver­sion direc­to­ry.

  • Rob

    Thanks for bring­ing this to my atten­tion, can you try 4.4.2b please?

  • Looks like you’ve got it work­ing! I see that Rob has 4.4.2 avail­able as the main down­load now, so is that what fixed it? I have been wait­ing to upload to 2.5 until this was fixed.

  • Moondazed

    Thank you for the pic­ture of Mal­colm… *drool*

    I hope you get your tech issue sort­ed out 🙂

  • cyn

    I did, with some help.

    Isn’t he a doll? I could­n’t han­dle watch­ing the last sea­son of Buffy, because he was cast as such a hor­rif­i­cal­ly evil char­ac­ter.

  • Good­ness gra­cious, Caleb in Buffy real­ly, intense­ly creeped me out!