SBQ: Stitching weaknesses?

What is your cross stitch weakness? (i.e., What do you have to have when you see it, even if you are supposed to be on the Wagon?)

I’m supposed to go telling my weaknesses, in public?

Well, I guess I’ve already exposed them, considering the lists on my site. I adore “different” patterns. If it jumps out from all the cutesy crap, I want it. Celtic knotwork is another one. I haven’t seen too many good pagan designs, so when I do, I pay attention.

I have a nearly-full set of DMC. The sweetest thing husband v.1 ever did was complete my collection. I think a few new colors have been released in the last couple of years that I don’t have yet, but unless they’re required for something I stitch, I’m unlikely to worry about them much. I do enjoy looking at them, though. So pretty! I wish I could think of a way to store them so I could see them all the time, without exposing them to dust or spills.

Specialty fibers, though—I want! Silks and hand-dyed threads are nearly impossible for me to resist. I have to stay away from those areas of Nease’s unless I’m pulling items for a specific design.


I’ve been stitching more lately since I’ve been watching Dexter with Katie and The Dresden Files with Sam. I’m still working on the Fairy Tale Sampler and doing a lot of frogging. I really need to get a magnifier attachment for my Ott Lite.

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5 thoughts on “SBQ: Stitching weaknesses?

  1. Ooooh, I loved The Dresden Files, both the episodes I saw and the books. I already have a note in my calendar to check the library for the new one when it comes out 🙂

  2. I love, love, LOVE The Dresden Files. I am so sorry they were canceled. I never watched them on television as I dislike watching anything that isn’t in HD, but I won a copy of the DVDs at a television hootenanny. My husband and I went through them in a couple of nights.

    is my DMC stash. See through Floss*Away bags in a clear plastic tub. Almost visible all the time. I also have some wound on cards and put in a 3 ring binder. Very pretty, but hard to use.

    Instead of a magnifier for your Ott-Light, you might try a fluorescent magnifying lamp like this:

  3. Pretty, pretty, Kathryn! I bet that works a lot better for the specialty fibers than the floss bobbins, too. I’m still using them – have since high school. That’s a lot of wrapping!

    Have you seen those gorgeous wooden cabinets with all the little drawers, just for floss? A guy who hung out on rec.crafts.textiles.needlework used to make custom ones, but I think he quit doing woodworking after his wife (who was the stitcher) died.

    Have you read the Dresden novels? If not, I envy you, because you’ve got some great stuff ahead of you. Seeing the TV shows won’t spoil them for you at all. One of the things I enjoy about them is that they came up with all-new stories.

  4. I love Dexter. And I know nothing of the ‘Dresden Files’ except that now I’m going to find the DVD’s and buy the books. Thanks.

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