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Some of Today’s News in Atlanta

I man­aged to avoid the crime news, which is always hor­rif­ic. Okay, I most­ly avoid­ed it. The three boys under 10 who are being charged with kid­nap­ping and rape1 is get­ting to me. That poor lit­tle girl!

Transgender candidate misled voters, suit alleges2

Actu­al­ly, these guys seem to be suing every­body but the dog­catch­er down there in Riverdale.

What does Ms. Bruce’s gen­der have to do with how she’ll per­form as a city coun­cil mem­ber? Noth­ing, of course Ir’s been brought up because a cou­ple of sore losers just won’t let go. Ass­hats!

Trumpet the news: Elephant is going to be a mom3

But she won’t deliv­er until some­where around April 1, 2009! 22 months of preg­nan­cy. Dum­bo nev­er men­tioned that lit­tle fact.

In metro Atlanta, profile of those in need during the holidays has changed4

It isn’t just dur­ing the hol­i­days, either. Food banks across the coun­try are see­ing more and more work­ing peo­ple who need help. They’re hav­ing to reduce the amount of food giv­en to each per­son or fam­i­ly because the demand has out­paced the sup­ply so much.

I can’t say that I’m sur­prised. I know too many peo­ple who are just bare­ly scrap­ing by, and it isn’t because they’re irre­spon­si­ble. It’s just how the Amer­i­can econ­o­my is, and some­thing needs to change very quick­ly.





3 comments to Some of Today’s News in Atlanta

  • It’s fun­ny you men­tioned the food bank — I just donat­ed a bit of my bonus to the local food bank.

  • Amer­i­ca is incred­i­bly bro­ken.

    I’ve become involved in a com­mu­ni­ty action to pre­vent the evic­tion of eleven Med­ic­aid-sup­port­ed seniors from a local assist­ed liv­ing facil­i­ty, which decid­ed (sud­den­ly!) to ter­mi­nate its con­tract with Med­ic­aid. Evict­ing nono­genar­i­ans — Sodom and Gomor­rah. And I mean that in the most lit­er­al way that can be. (The blog is here: — and you might want to take a look, ’cause this sort of thing is hap­pen­ing all over Amer­i­ca.)

  • cyn

    That’s just—I wish I could say that I’m sur­prised or shocked. I can’t. I’m sick­ened. Thank you for bring­ing it to my atten­tion.