Some of Today’s News in Atlanta

I managed to avoid the crime news, which is always horrific. Okay, I mostly avoided it. The three boys under 10 who are being charged with kidnapping and rape1 is getting to me. That poor little girl!

Transgender candidate misled voters, suit alleges

2 Actually, these guys seem to be suing everybody but the dogcatcher down there in Riverdale.

What does Ms. Bruce’s gender have to do with how she’ll perform as a city council member? Nothing, of course, it’s been brought up because a couple of sore losers just won’t let go. Asshats!

Trumpet the news: Elephant is going to be a mom

3 But she won’t deliver until somewhere around April 1, 2009! 22 months of pregnancy. Dumbo never mentioned that little fact.

In metro Atlanta, profile of those in need during the holidays has changed

4 It isn’t just during the holidays, either. Food banks across the country are seeing more and more working people who need help. They’re having to reduce the amount of food given to each person or family because the demand has outpaced the supply so much.

I can’t say that I’m surprised. I know too many people who are just barely scraping by, and it isn’t because they’re irresponsible. It’s just how the American economy is, and something needs to change very quickly.

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3 thoughts on “Some of Today’s News in Atlanta

  1. America is incredibly broken.

    I’ve become involved in a community action to prevent the eviction of eleven Medicaid-supported seniors from a local assisted living facility, which decided (suddenly!) to terminate its contract with Medicaid. Evicting nonogenarians – Sodom and Gomorrah. And I mean that in the most literal way that can be. (The blog is here: – and you might want to take a look, ’cause this sort of thing is happening all over America.)

  2. That’s just—I wish I could say that I’m surprised or shocked. I can’t. I’m sickened. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

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