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Follow­ing Bill (fos­si­la­pos­tle’s) lead, I’ll play along with the “music meme” that’s mak­ing the rounds.

Go to Pop Cul­ture Mad­ness and check out the songs from the year in which you turned 18 (1984 for me, if any­one cares). Bold the songs you like(d). Under­line or strike the songs you didn’t/don’t. I’m ital­i­ciz­ing the ones I’m most­ly okay with Like Bill, I’m just leav­ing the ones I don’t have any strong feel­ing about alone. Most of those, hon­est­ly, I just don’t remem­ber. I’d prob­a­bly react I heard them instead of just read­ing their names.

A lot of peo­ple my age seem to remem­ber the songs of the 80s by their videos. Our fam­i­ly did­n’t have cable TV, and I was­n’t a big TV watch­er any­way, so I did­n’t see most of the videos that went with these songs.

1. Thriller — Michael Jack­sonIt was num­ber 1? For the year?!! I’ve nev­er been in step with pop cul­ture. Ever. I still haven’t seen the video.
2. Girls Just Wan­na Have Fun — Cyn­di Lauper
3. Foot­loose — Ken­ny Loggins
4. Like A Vir­gin — Madonna
5. Hol­i­day — Madonna
6. I Can’t Dri­ve 55 — Sam­my Hagar
7. Pride (In The Name Of Love) — U2
8. Jam On It — Newcleus
9. Legs — ZZ Top
10. What’s Love Got To Do With It — Tina Turner
11. Time After Time — Cyn­di Lauper
12. Lucky Star — Madonna
13. Danc­ing In The Dark — Bruce Springsteen
14. Cru­el Sum­mer — Bananarama
15. She Bop — Cyn­di Lau­perI absolute­ly refuse to believe that it’s about that. No. I won’t.
16. Let’s Hear It For The Boy — Denise Williams
17. Teacher Teacher — 38 Special
18. Stay With Me Tonight — Jef­frey Osborne
19. Pur­ple Rain — Prince
20. I Will Fol­low — U2
21. Miss Me Blind — Cul­ture Club
22. I Feel For You — Cha­ka Kahn
23. Heart Of Rock and Roll — Huey Lewis and the News
24. Kar­ma Chameleon — Cul­ture Club
25. Let’s Stay Togeth­er — Tina Turner
26. Eat It — Wierd Al Yan­cov­icwow, he’s been around a long time, has­n’t he?
27. Bor­der­line — Madonna
28. We’re Not Gonna Take It — Twist­ed Sister
29. Let’s Go Crazy — Prince
30. Let The Music Play — Shannon
31. Cov­er Me — Bruce Springsteen
32. Hold­ing Out For A Hero — Bon­nie Tyler
33. Run­away — Bon Jovi
34. Rock You Like A Hur­ri­cane — Scorpions
35. Some­body’s Watch­ing Me — Rockwell
36. Remem­ber The Nights — The Motels
37. Jump — Van Halen
38. I Want A New Drug — Huey Lewis and the News
39. Bang Your Head (Men­tal Health) — Qui­et Riot
40. 99 Luft­bal­lons — Nena
41. White Horse — Laid Back
42. Wake Me Up Before You Go Go — Wham
43. Mama We’re All Crazee Now — Qui­et Riot
44. Caribbean Queen — Bil­ly Ocean
45. I Wan­na Rock — Twist­ed Sister
46. Jump (For My Love) — Point­er Sisters
47. Ya Mo Be There — James Ingram
48. Rebel Yell — Bil­ly Idol
49. Against All Odds — Phil Collins
50. Bet­ter Be Good To Me — Tina Turner
51. Sis­ter Chris­t­ian — Night Ranger
52. 10–9‑8 — Face to Face
53. Ille­gal Alien — Genesis
54. It’s My Life — Talk Talk
55. Look At That Cadil­lac — Stray Cats — odd, I rather liked them but can’t remem­ber this song at all
56. When Doves Cry — Prince
57. Hard Habit To Break — Chicago
58. I Just Called To Say I Love You — Ste­vie Wonder
59. Tak­ing It All Too Hard — Genesis
60. No Park­ing (On The Dance Floor) — Mid­night Star
61. Hot For Teacher — Van Halen
62. High Ener­gy — Eve­lyn Thomas
63. Superstar/Until You Come Back To Me — Luthor Vandross
64. The Longest Time — Bil­ly Joel
65. To All The Girls I’ve Loved Before — Julio Igle­sias and Willie Nelson
66. On The Dark Side — John Caf­fer­ty and the Beaver Brown Band
67. State of Shock — Jack­sons and Mick Jag­ger — they did some­thing together?
68. Miss­ing You — John Waite
69. Mid­night Mani­ac — Krokus
70. Blue Light — David Gilmour
71. Freak­show On The Dance­floor — Bar-Kays — who the heck is that?
72. A Girl In Trou­ble (Is A Tem­po­rary Thing) — Romeo Void
73. You’re The Best Thing — The Style Council
74. Love Kills — Fred­die Mercury
75. Sex Shoot­er — Apol­lo­nia 6 — huh?

If they’d asked about con­tem­po­rary Chris­t­ian music of the time, I’d remem­ber more. I was singing all the time at church back then, and con­stant­ly look­ing for new material.

To be hon­est, I did­n’t remem­ber a whole lot of the peo­ple at my high school reunion, even though it had only been five years since we’d grad­u­at­ed. As peo­ple came over and greet­ed us, I read their nametags, played the small talk game, and kept turn­ing to the friend who attend­ed with me and hus­band v.2 say­ing, “Are you sure he/she went to school with us? Absolute­ly?” (They knew who I was—one ben­e­fit of being the vale­dic­to­ri­an and being involved in a bunch of extracur­ric­u­lars, plus hav­ing a best friend who has nev­er met a stranger. At least she remem­bered all of them!) That’s part of why I did­n’t both­er going to the oth­er reunions we’ve had since then. Sad­ly, I’m doing bet­ter with the songs than I did with the peo­ple, sta­tis­ti­cal­ly speaking.

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  1. You can look up the songs for the year you were born, although the mem­o­ries asso­ci­at­ed with those songs would be a lit­tle different!

  2. Dont wor­ry, I’m 22 and I just saw Thriller for the first time…You’re out of touch but you aren’t alone!

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