Consideration for ourselves, changes in podcast format

It seems that many of us who suf­fer from fibromyal­gia and chron­ic fatigue are per­fec­tion­ists. I know that I am.

One of fibromyal­gia’s hard­er lessons has been pac­ing myself and adjust­ing to chang­ing (but always low­er than before) ener­gy lev­els and con­cen­tra­tion. I know I’m not the only one who isn’t as con­sid­er­ate of myself as I am of others.

I’ve fall­en into the per­fec­tion­ist trap again here, with the pod­cast. I’ve had a hard time post­ing unless I feel I have some­thing “impor­tant” to say, or to release a new episode of the pod­cast that isn’t a cer­tain length. I’ve been using things like the length of my part­ner’s pod­cast episodes as a stan­dard for myself. We have dif­fer­ent abil­i­ties and audi­ences, and his stan­dards aren’t appro­pri­ate for me.

Expect an episode soon, in a new format.