FMS at PostSecret

Did anyone else see this at PostSecret today?

I was made aware of it by a post to the LiveJournal Fibromyalgia community.1I can’t read PostSecret regularly. It’s too fascinating, and a major time sink! Reactions there are fairly negative because so many of us have had bad experiences with people who think we’re malingering.

I have mixed feelings, though. I don’t exactly share the sentiments expressed in the piece, but I do think it’s good art. I can relate to feeling like pain has been my entire life. It’s familiar. I can’t remember anything else, honestly.

I don’t think I’m “scared to feel better,” though, because I really resent the pain, the fatigue, and especially the brain fog. I’ve tried every treatment to which I’ve been able to get access, without much relief. Pain management is all that helps in any way now.

I have, however, gotten very anxious about trying many things. Too many falls, followed by increased pain and disability, have made me incredibly cautious. Unfortunately, I know that leads to more loss of muscle mass and endurance. I’m working on getting past it. Knowing is half the battle, right?

Talk to me. What do you think about the artwork?

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3 thoughts on “FMS at PostSecret

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  2. On the one hand, it adds fuel to the malingering fire. On the other hand, some people really do take a certain comfort in their symptoms. I think this piece really works because it’s at PostSecret – the artist can claim the feeling, without directly drawing fire.

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