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SBQ: Framing and glass

This week’s SBQ:

When you get a project pro­fes­sion­al­ly framed do you get glass insert­ed into the frame? Why or why not?

smoke damaged cross-stitchI’ve post­ed some notes from an attempt to save one piece that was not framed with glass. I was a teen, in high school, and did­n’t see a need for glass at the time.

smoke damaged cross-stitchMy father smokes, and that piece isn’t ever going to real­ly come clean after 25 years of hang­ing in his den. I was suprised that I man­aged as well as I did.

smoke damaged cross-stitchSo now, yes, I get glass every time. While I don’t smoke and won’t (can’t, even if I want­ed to, due to aller­gies and asth­ma) live with any­one who does, I find it impor­tant to pro­tect the pieces. You can’t always pre­dict where one will end up, and after I’ve put so much love into some­thing, it’s worth a few more dol­lars to add the glass.

3 comments to SBQ: Framing and glass

  • Oh wow… that pic­ture real­ly says it all, does­n’t it? I use glass, but even so, I’ve had some pieces dis­col­ored due to using self-adhe­sive mount­ing boards. Some­times we have to learn these things the hard way. 🙁

  • Deb

    I used to have it lame­nat­ed on a nice burled wood plaque but now I just get it with a glass insert.

    That’s my 2 cents.

  • cyn

    I have pieces laced for mount­ing, now. I’d like to learn how to do it, but that’s the real mon­ey­mak­er for my favorite needle­work shop. I can’t begrudge her that for the many hours of enjoy­ment I have thanks to her shop (and good times spent in her shop).