Five Love Languages

Ganked from blyssmouse and gaeasson, though the quiz they took is down at the moment.

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  1. My top love language for the selector, Five Love Languages of Gary Chapman, is Quality Time. This can be expressed either through those intimate tête-à-tête discussions or via doing things together.
    • I get lonely and begin to feel uncared about if I can’t hang out with someone I love.
    • I feel complete when I spend time with people I love.
    • I show people I care by being with them.
    • I expect others who care about me to spend their time with me.
  2. My second love language is Acts of Service. I prefer to show my love through favors and chores and doing things for others. I feel put upon and unappreciated when my efforts are taken for granted.
    • I often feel special, significant, and useful when I help others.
    • I often feel upset when others don’t help me out, much less offer to do anything.
    • I show affection by doing things for other people.
    • I don’t usually ask for help, but when someone does something for me, I feel really cherished.
  3. My third love language is Physical Touch. I want to give and/or receive affection physically. This may or may not center on sex.
    • I give and expect in return hugs, pats, kisses, and other physical signs of affection.
    • I feel especially warm and appreciated when another touches me in a meaningful way.
    • I can feel awful about myself when people I love don’t touch me.
    • I like to show my feelings physically.
  4. My fourth love language is Words of Affirmation. I need to hear praise to know I am loved, and I may also prefer to express my affection verbally. Negative comments cut right to the bone. I want to hear that I am loved and how much and why.
    • I find that another’s criticism really, really hurts.
    • I tell those whom I love that I love them. That’s sufficient for me.
    • I feel like I need compliments, so sometimes I “fish” for them.
    • I feel like “a million bucks” when I get sincere praise.
  5. My fifth love language is Receiving Gifts. Presents and physical tokens of affection move me. It’s the fact that someone is thinking about me enough to give me something that moves me. The objects are of secondary importance to the relationship and sentiment with which they were intended.
    • I tend to give others things to express my feelings about them.
    • I feel so good when I receive a present from someone… or even just get a freebie.
    • I can feel quite depressed when I don’t get a gift, especially when I expected one.
    • I would rather get a reward than extravagant applause.

Oh – no, the HTML doesn’t come that way. I did it because I prefer having more information. I’d rather know where all five languages come in for those of you who’ve taken the test, too. I don’t know a thing about making quizzes, though, so I can’t do it for you. Sorry.

From the way I actually answered the questions and how I feel about things, physical touch and words of affirmation are almost tied.

I’ve also been forced into a change, as I prefer to do things for people to show that I love them, but I do not like to have things done for me or ask people to do things for me. My disability, something I was actually diagnosed with all the way back in 1993, has eaten away at that for long enough that I’ve had to force myself to ask for help. I’m still not comfortable with my lack of ability to take care of my people physically, though.

That’s actually something I’m almost curious enough about to check out the original book: does he address the difference between how we express and receive expressions of love? Because they really can be quite different. If he doesn’t acknowledge a difference, it isn’t worth my time to request the book from the library.

I’m having an automatic negative reaction to the author’s name, and hazy memories of books I read in my fundie days, or that were very popular with the church I worked for as I was leaving Christianity. The author might have changed as much as I have, but this is being marketed as a Christian book by one of the big religiou$ publishing houses, so I sorta doubt it.

Sam’s main love language, I’m pretty sure, is Physical Touch, followed by Acts of Service. He needs to be touched, and he loves to take care of people (I am too lucky for words). The girl likes to be taken care of, and she’s a snugglekitty, but I’d very much like to see her test results.

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