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Home­own­ers, this time.

The Cas­tle caught the edge of a light­ning strike in a storm a few weeks back. We’ve been grad­u­al­ly dis­cov­er­ing affect­ed elec­tron­ics since then, and final­ly real­ized that “Oh — this goes above the insur­ance deductible, does­n’t it?”

Because of what was dam­aged and how we think the surge came in over the cable line. All the equip­ment was on UPSes or surge pro­tec­tors, none of which were damaged.

Com­cast replaced three cable box­es with­out ques­tion. I guess they’re used to those. The tech says it isn’t pos­si­ble for pow­er to trav­el down the cable, but could­n’t explain the dam­age in any oth­er way.

The sur­round sound/stereo receiv­er in the liv­ing room is toast. The media serv­er died, but hap­pi­ly, we were able to sal­vage its hard dri­ves and data. (We don’t back those up — most­ly MP3s). Its video card still works, except for the TV output. 

Three TVs have acquired shad­ows on their screens.

The most annoy­ing loss was the microwave. Appar­ent­ly, there’s a fuse in it that was over­loaded. I do remem­ber cook­ing pre-microwave, but I’ve nev­er had to do it for long.

Sam’s PC mon­i­tor died, too. I’d almost for­got­ten that.

We actu­al­ly came out pret­ty well. If we have to get even the edge of a light­ning strike, one that we don’t even notice ’til the next day seems to be the ide­al kind.

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