And We’re in a Landlocked Area?

The flooding and such from various hurricanes hasn’t really affected me directly in the past – not in any significant way. I knew that it was real, and a problem for many people, but that’s different from really seeing the effects of the waters.

And as it is, my direct personal experience is really mild. This morning, it was a toss-up as to whether we’d be able to get back to the house after we left it, as both sides of the egress road from our neighborhood were flooded. The waters had receded by the time Katie and I got home and she took a few photos of one side.

I was too busy earlier with trying to stay on the road, knowing that missing the road by less than 6″ in places would turn the van over into a nasty culvert.

We passed a nearby car dealership this afternoon and could only see the tops of the tallest SUVs over the water. Everything else was hidden. I imagine they’re going to be having lots of sales shortly. I was too busy driving to try taking photos, and Katie was napping ’til I woke her to look at the spectacle.

The Red Cross has opened a shelter for displaced families right here in Cobb County.

I can’t begin to imagine what it’s like in coastal areas.

Y’all be careful, okay?

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