I read Ill Wind by Rachel Caine last night. It was pret­ty good, and I hope to read the oth­ers in the series soon. 

I’m still slog­ging through The Assas­s­in’s Edge: The Fifth and Final Tale of Einar­inn. The fourth vol­ume, The War­rior’s Bond, was bet­ter than the third but still was­n’t as engag­ing as the first or sec­ond vol­ume. I’ll give McKen­na’s oth­er books a look, but I don’t know that I’ll buy them.

I read Dead Beat, from Jim Butcher’s The Dres­den Files, ear­li­er this week. It was very good. I do hope he keeps writ­ing about Dres­den, despite his new series (The Codex Alera, I think).

Mer­ry Gen­try’s life also enter­tained me at some point this week in A Stroke of Mid­night. But why do they sell those books as nov­els, rather than as seri­als? I did enjoy it much more than the lat­est Ani­ta Blake novel.

Maybe that series would work well as graph­ic nov­els? They’d be even short­er, though, since all that descrip­tion would be cut out.

I absolute­ly want this book: The Sci­ence in Sci­ence Fic­tion : 83 SF Pre­dic­tions that Became Sci­en­tif­ic Real­i­ty by Robert Bly.1Note: My expres­sions of desire for any object should NEVER be tak­en as a request for any­one to get them for me!

This one looks like good read­ing, too: Able: How One Com­pa­ny’s Dis­abled Work­force Became the Key to their Extra­or­di­nary Suc­cess by Nan­cy Hen­der­son Wurst.

I col­lect­ed a pret­ty good list of books and authors I want to check out and start­ed prowl­ing through var­i­ous library sys­tems’ cat­a­logs to request them. That should keep me busy for a bit.

Actu­al­ly, curiousmay9 and I are head­ed upstairs as soon as things cool down a bit and I’m going to start adding her books to the Read­er­ware data­base. I’m unlike­ly to need any­thing else to read for a good long time once I get into those shelves. I’d be raid­ing them fre­quent­ly if it weren’t for the sil­ly mobil­i­ty problems.

Speak­ing of Read­er­ware, when I cat­a­loged most of the books, the comments/descriptions from Ama­zon were auto­mat­i­cal­ly import­ed to the descrip­tion field for most of the books. They’re usu­al­ly too long and full of stuff I don’t real­ly care to have in there, like book reviews, so I’m also going through and edit­ing the descrip­tions. The length would­n’t be such a big deal, except that I car­ry the data­bas­es around on my PDA. Any sug­ges­tions as to sites with short, con­cise descrip­tions of books?

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