Totally Personal Update

Legs are still love­ly and smooth. Maybe the wax­ing will be a reg­u­lar thing.

I had a love­ly, lazy day yes­ter­day. I’ve been urged by my fam­i­ly to sched­ule at least one such day a week, in order to recov­er from being out and about and work­ing on the oth­er days.

I also had a very promis­ing con­ver­sa­tion with an estate lawyer about the sit­u­a­tion with Katie’s trustee refus­ing to pay legit­i­mate med­ical bills.

The day was end­ed with a nice lit­tle gam­ing ses­sion with sam­bear.

Today I have my first mam­mo­gram. I’m not look­ing for­ward to it, but I’m not freak­ing about it, either. With my fam­i­ly his­to­ry, I should have had a base­line scan at 35. There are no signs of prob­lems, hap­pi­ly, but a base­line mam­mo­gram will be impor­tant if there are prob­lems in the future.

Whoops—almost for­got to make an eye doc­tor appoint­ment for the girl. Her eyes are both­er­ing her too much to wear her con­tacts. It might just be her aller­gies, but it might not.

I also need to get a new SD card for my PDA. The last one just dis­ap­peared. For­tu­nate­ly, there was­n’t any sen­si­tive or impor­tant data on it. With­out it, though, I don’t have room to put the Read­er­ware stuff on the PDA. I also need to grab a set of ear­phones for use with my sweet lit­tle MP3 play­er, as the sup­plied ones hurt my ears.

Tomor­row: more aller­gy shots for me and Katie and a vis­it to the den­tist for Katie.


Do y’all use UPromise? If so, don’t for­get to update your debit/credit card num­bers when your cards expire. I did, so we lost quite a few months of credits.

If you’ve got kids, it’s a nice way to add a lit­tle to their col­lege funds. If you don’t have kids, wan­na help mine? It’s free and quite secure. I’ve been using it for over a year—no spam, no cred­it card prob­lems, etc. You reg­is­ter your grocery/drugstore cards (like the Kroger Plus cards), and your debit/credit cards IF you want to do so. The ben­e­fi­cia­ry CANNOT see any infor­ma­tion you enter—they just get cred­it for pur­chas­es of cer­tain brands.

On the grocery/drugstore cards? There’s no need to give any real infor­ma­tion when you sign up for them. We don’t.

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