A Little Better

A little. Not much. I think I slept about 18 hours yesterday. My family is wonderful, taking care of me so well. They also take up the slack in the house, so everything continues to run smoothly. I’m lucky, I know.

Katie is watching Akira. I continue to be unable to enjoy anime. I can’t even follow it—I have no idea what these little bluish people are. I’m finding the movie rather gross. And long.

Should I cancel tomorrow’s dinner? I’m not really feeling up to being a very good hostess.

My brain isn’t working very well, either, so I’m behind on school stuff.

I do, however, have pain meds and muscle relaxants again. I like the new doctor. Actually, I saw a nurse practitioner. She’s sending me for a CT scan of my ankle this afternoon. It’s only had sharp, shooting pains for a year. Since the x-rays showed nothing, she’s looking for a hairline fracture.

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