Weekend Report

Well, it was a busy weekend, and I was looking forward to a quiet Monday. I didn’t get it, but it could have been much worse.

Friday night, my marvelous family hosted a birthday party for me. curiousmay9 and I stayed up way too late making music with mrpsyklops, but if we’d had the energy we would have sung for many more hours.

Saturday night we went to Fiddler’s Green for Mike Rayburn’s yearly appearance there.

As usual, Mike was incredible. I thought mrpsyklops had seen him before, but I was wrong. The man was absolutely poleaxed. I believe his phrase was, “I didn’t know god was going to be here tonight!”

The opening act, The Brilliant Inventions, was also fun. Two young local guys, they have a sound that reminds me a bit of the Barenaked Ladies. There were five people in our party who live in two households. Four copies of their CD went home with us.

Their song, “I Had a Dream About Your Girlfriend” is a must-hear for fans of Carla Ulbrich’s “What If Your Girlfriend Was Gone.”

If you enjoy live acoustic music, you really need to go to Fiddler’s Green. I have never, in $deity knows how many years, seen one bad show there. The acts are varied, and some aren’t what I would have chosen to go see—but if they’re in that venue, they’re worth hearing.

Sunday was more boring. Well, it’s boring for you. I was quite happy with it, myself. Sam and I gamed, and I finished cleaning out our closet while he took the girl to her speed-reading class.

More about the closet when I have pictures to explain what a triumph that was. I’ll put today into a new entry.

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