My Tired Hurts

Today started with a migraine.

sambear medicated me, then went out to brave the dance supply place with shadowkatt.

After the meds kicked in, I got up and started moving furniture for the next stage of painting, and to figure out how I wanted the furniture this time. (What, put it in the same place as before? Don’t be silly!)

Then there was the normal kitchen cleaning, laundry, etc. Well, more than the normal kitchen cleaning, because ridinrabbit visited last night for the weekly mass cooking event. It was particularly messy this week, and nobody felt like doing it last night, so there was a lot of cleaning to do.

So I painted and went off to do normal housewifely things while painted parts dried.

Our dining room has been covered in tools, parts, and general “what the hell is that?” from the garage since this past weekend. While sambear was out buying more paint and other necessities, and shadowkatt was dancing, curiousmay9 and I managed to get all of that stuff and everything that was still in the garage sorted. We did a first-level sort, anyway. There are separate bins for different kinds of stuff—plumbing, electrical, tile-related, measuring tools, simple (not powered) tools, fasteners, tapes/twine, etc. The power tools are on their own designated shelves. There’s a pile of work gloves and another for gardening gloves—all in pairs, even!

(We no longer have any hope of telling whose tools are whose, so this marriage better work out!)

Does anyone else have so many different types of caulk that they require a crate of their very own? I still think that’s a bit excessive.

And if you can’t find your plumber’s tape, it’s because it’s here. Seriously. There’s more Teflon tape in this house than there is caulk. Because the great garage sort hadn’t happened, we couldn’t find the tape when we needed it, so we kept buying more.

Considering the number of projects going on here at any point in time, the savings from not buying duplicate (and triplicate) tools, parts, and supplies will be significant.

The sort took about 2 hours.

I spent at least 90 minutes moving furniture and general stuff around.

I spent another couple of hours on general house cleaning, laundry, etc.

I painted for about 4 hours, doing the trim.

9.5 hours of work doesn’t sound like much, but when it’s real physical labor and the worker is a disabled old fat woman, it’s a lot.

I’m hoping I am ambulatory in the morning, as I need to finish prepping the house before the maids come. Then I can finish painting the frame and doors for the sitting room closet.

BUT our suite is beautiful. I love it. If you’ve been here at all, you absolutely will not believe what a huge difference the wall repair and fresh paint make.

I wish we could replace the carpet RIGHT NOW, but that isn’t going to happen this week. The carpet is here, but the labor isn’t available.

(BTW—sambear did a lot of work too, as did curiousmay9. I’m just whinging about my part of it.)

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