My Tired Hurts

Today start­ed with a migraine.

sam­bear med­icat­ed me, then went out to brave the dance sup­ply place with shad­owkatt.

After the meds kicked in, I got up and start­ed mov­ing fur­ni­ture for the next stage of paint­ing, and to fig­ure out how I want­ed the fur­ni­ture this time. (What, put it in the same place as before? Don’t be silly!)

Then there was the nor­mal kitchen clean­ing, laun­dry, etc. Well, more than the nor­mal kitchen clean­ing, because rid­inrab­bit vis­it­ed last night for the week­ly mass cook­ing event. It was par­tic­u­lar­ly messy this week, and nobody felt like doing it last night, so there was a lot of clean­ing to do.

So I paint­ed and went off to do nor­mal house­wife­ly things while paint­ed parts dried. 

Our din­ing room has been cov­ered in tools, parts, and gen­er­al “what the hell is that?” from the garage since this past week­end. While sam­bear was out buy­ing more paint and oth­er neces­si­ties, and shad­owkatt was danc­ing, curiousmay9 and I man­aged to get all of that stuff and every­thing that was still in the garage sort­ed. We did a first-lev­el sort, any­way. There are sep­a­rate bins for dif­fer­ent kinds of stuff—plumbing, elec­tri­cal, tile-relat­ed, mea­sur­ing tools, sim­ple (not pow­ered) tools, fas­ten­ers, tapes/twine, etc. The pow­er tools are on their own des­ig­nat­ed shelves. There’s a pile of work gloves and anoth­er for gar­den­ing gloves—all in pairs, even!

(We no longer have any hope of telling whose tools are whose, so this mar­riage bet­ter work out!)

Does any­one else have so many dif­fer­ent types of caulk that they require a crate of their very own? I still think that’s a bit excessive.

And if you can’t find your plumber’s tape, it’s because it’s here. Seri­ous­ly. There’s more Teflon tape in this house than there is caulk. Because the great garage sort had­n’t hap­pened, we could­n’t find the tape when we need­ed it, so we kept buy­ing more. 

Con­sid­er­ing the num­ber of projects going on here at any point in time, the sav­ings from not buy­ing dupli­cate (and trip­li­cate) tools, parts, and sup­plies will be significant.

The sort took about 2 hours.

I spent at least 90 min­utes mov­ing fur­ni­ture and gen­er­al stuff around.

I spent anoth­er cou­ple of hours on gen­er­al house clean­ing, laun­dry, etc.

I paint­ed for about 4 hours, doing the trim.

9.5 hours of work does­n’t sound like much, but when it’s real phys­i­cal labor and the work­er is a dis­abled old fat woman, it’s a lot.

I’m hop­ing I am ambu­la­to­ry in the morn­ing, as I need to fin­ish prep­ping the house before the maids come. Then I can fin­ish paint­ing the frame and doors for the sit­ting room closet.

BUT our suite is beau­ti­ful. I love it. If you’ve been here at all, you absolute­ly will not believe what a huge dif­fer­ence the wall repair and fresh paint make.

I wish we could replace the car­pet RIGHT NOW, but that isn’t going to hap­pen this week. The car­pet is here, but the labor isn’t available.

(BTW—sam­bear did a lot of work too, as did curiousmay9. I’m just whing­ing about my part of it.)

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