Adding to Another List: They Don’t Do Coyotes, Either

Over the last ten years, either I or peo­ple in my imme­di­ate cir­cle of fam­i­ly and friends have had rea­son to call ani­mal con­trol in var­i­ous Geor­gia coun­ties about imme­di­ate human encoun­ters with pos­sums, rac­coons, fer­rets, and oth­er ani­mals. In each case, we’ve been told, “We don’t do (ani­mal).”

Now that there are coy­otes roam­ing Buck­head, I can add coy­otes to the “we don’t do” list. 

Actu­al­ly, they said they don’t do wild ani­mals. That’s a vague descrip­tion, as fer­rets are nor­mal­ly pets in Geor­gia, but the one that my friends encoun­tered was absolute­ly feral—so ani­mal con­trol did­n’t want to deal with it. 

Does this mean that, since the two fer­al dogs in the neigh­bor­hood that have bit­ten at least one child are “wild,” it isn’t their prob­lem, either?


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