Sounds Lovely

Have any of you head the Missa Gaia (Earth Mass)? It looks like something that would be incredible. Since I’m unlikely to ever get to a live performance, I’m considering getting the recording.

Elegant Snark

The Hunting of the Cat (with apologies to Mr. Carroll) from Jon Reid: The Hunting of the Cat “Come, listen my friends while I tell you again The five unmistakeable spats By which you may know, wheresoever you go, The…

A New Spin On Holiday Giving

From Monica Ricci’s Catalyst Organizing newsletter: When November hits, many people shift into holiday mode, beginning their planning for December events. Holidays, by definition, are a time to relax with friends and family, retreating from work and responsibilities to enjoy…

Poetry: Feasting

Feasting –Elizabeth W. Garber From Pierced by the Seasons I am so amazed to find myself kissing you with such abandon, filling myself with our kisses astounding hunger for edges of lips and tongue. Returning to feast again and again,…

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