What is Marriage?

I think the main deci­sion that is the true key to decid­ing who gets to define mar­riage depends on one cru­cial factor:
Is mar­riage a sacra­ment or a contract?

If it is a sacra­ment, then gov­ern­men­tal involve­ment at any lev­el vio­lates the sep­a­ra­tion of church and state (in the US). Dif­fer­ent treat­ment under the law depend­ing on whether or not peo­ple are mar­ried is unrea­son­able, which would require many changes in tax codes, state and fed­er­al laws, Social Secu­ri­ty guide­lines, etc.

If it is a con­tract, then deci­sions regard­ing who can mar­ry are moot—anyone who can legal­ly enter into a con­tract can mar­ry. There’s no rea­son to sep­a­rate mar­riage con­tracts from estab­lished con­tract law.

Some­one point out the holes in my argu­ment, please? It seems all too sim­ple to me.

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