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And again for my dear ones doing the Atkins thing locally:
New Store Stocks Low-Carb Items

This guy looks awfully familiar to me for some reason:
Man Arrested for Impersonating Cop

Dammit, with all the laws these idiots can agree to pass, why can’t they get their heads out of their butts for this one?
Child Endangerment Bill in Peril

Anyway, we’re going to the YMCA to get started today. Or that’s the plan, in any case. We went back to the “eye mechanic” as Sam calls it, and my contacts are still good. We ordered a three-month supply, and I can wear these for another one to three weeks.

Unfortunately, one of the staff members in the optical place was wearing some sort of fragrance that slammed me straight into a migraine. I took appropriate measures as soon as we got home, but I’m not sure that I’m up to going to a place where there’ll be lots of people, lots of noise, and fluorescent lights. I’m thinking of changing my routine so that I go to the Y first thing after getting sambear to the bus each morning.

In happy news, curiousmay9 will be coming over this evening. sambear is planning to go pick up some steaks. We plan to go to the UU Congregation of Marietta again tomorrow and stay for the CUUPs group’s Imbolc ritual, then go meet some new gamers.

shadowkatt‘s friend Goth C is here for the weekend. Her mom is going vegetarian, so she’s begging for burnt flesh and is very happy about the dinner plans. She’s also guzzling milk (her mother is only buying the soy stuff these days), so we should get more during the grocery run.

I need to start actually tracking my points in Weight Watchers style again. I know that I’ve fallen back to not eating enough, which keeps my metabolism way down.

Oh—I had two immunizations earlier this week, the first of my Hep-B series and a tetanus booster. The nurse went on and on about how tetanus would hurt very badly, which was quite annoying. And after all that, I hardly felt it. I think her standard for what “really hurts” must be way, way different from mine.

I need a haircut again. The current cut was fine while I was wearing my glasses, but now it’s falling into my right eye and being irritating. The prior attempt to color my hair back to my normal (sans grey) color didn’t quite get it to the right shade, so there’s a visible difference where my hair has grown out since then. I’m really noticing the increasing amounts of grey, too. The fact that the grey hairs have such a different texture than the rest of my hair honestly bothers me more than their color.

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