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I have two WIPs that I’m extremely unlikely to ever work on again. Celtic Christmas is lovely, but I’m just not into stitching it for some reason. After seven years, I’m fairly confident that I’m not going to get in the mood to work on it. Heart of Roses wasn’t ever my style. It was intended as a gift for someone for whom it is no longer appropriate. I did a little stitching on both of them, though not much.

Neither project is terribly difficult by my standards, although Celtic Christmas is fairly large and might be a wee bit intimidating.

I’m looking for homes for both pieces. I want them to go to someone who will enjoy stitching them and will find a good home for them when they’re done (with themselves or someone else, I don’t care which). I thought of giving one to someone who I know to be a stitcher, but I fear she’d feel obligated in some way and not be able to say no if she didn’t really want to do it.

I have the linen and pattern for each of these pieces. I don’t believe either uses any specialty fibers, other than a little Kreinik for Celtic Christmas. It involves some beads, too. I have the Kreinik and the beads somewhere and will send them along when I kit that one up. If I have extra skeins of the DMC colors used, I’ll include those as well.

I’ll be happy to help you get started if you like (assuming you’re either local or willing to visit, obviously).

I’ll feel less guilty about not finishing these projects when they’re being enjoyed by someone else. And hey, you’ll be helping me declutter!

Edit: Homes found! Thank you!

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