Why Register? And Where Are the Articles?

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Well, the articles – all the articles that made up the bulk of my old site – are coming back. I just need to update them.

One thing I always regretted was that there wasn’t an easier way for people to comment on those articles, to discuss or critique them.

Well, that’s why you should register. I don’t have to approve your registration – in fact, I’m not involved at all. I just get an email saying you registered. It’s strictly an antispam measure that you’re required to do that and that I or Sam approves your first comment. That’s it. It isn’t like the LiveJournal “friends” thing, so I don’t have to know you or anything like that.

Register and tell me what you think – about anything. A post, a particular article, the layout of the site, what I’ve written about in the past, what you’d like to see me write about, whatever. Interaction is the entire reason for going to this format!

Edited 5/26: I’ve changed settings so that you can comment without registering, but you can register if you like.

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