Productive Day

Two arti­cles I want sam­bear to read:
New ADHD Med­ica­tion Affects Sleep Less
Mela­tonin Helps ADHD Insomnia

He’s hav­ing a ter­ri­ble time sleep­ing late­ly. I won­der where we could get reli­ably pure Mela­tonin around here?

We’ve had an incred­i­bly busy day. I forced my poor bear out the door this morn­ing and we went to the bank, then to the Geor­gia Depart­ment of Rev­enue, then to the IRS, to straight­en out some tax stuff. The IRS rep­re­sen­ta­tive actu­al­ly acknowl­edged that they’d screwed up when they “cor­rect­ed” my 2000 return! So I should have more mon­ey com­ing in 3–4 weeks. Yay!

I made bunch­es of phone calls to get things off my to-do list. I hate mak­ing phone calls. But hey, we were out in the car or sit­ting around in offices, and Sam was on the phone from time to time tak­ing care of busi­ness, so it seemed like the thing to do. I feel virtuous.

Yes­ter­day was an “I’m glad we’re rent­ing” day. I’d called ear­li­er this week to get some­one out to find out why the garbage dis­pos­al was­n’t work­ing and men­tioned that I thought we had a leak under the toi­let in the hall bath (I kept clean­ing the floor and it kept get­ting stained, and there was no oth­er expla­na­tion). When the main­te­nance guy final­ly got to us, the dis­pos­al was dead instead of just need­ing the reset but­ton pushed as he’d assumed (which was why he did­n’t hur­ry to us), and he had to rebuild the toi­let completely. 

I’m glad he fixed them, but should­n’t he have also cleaned up the mess he made? My sweet­ie did it, but I don’t think he should have HAD to clean up the guy’s mess.

shad­owkatt’s birth­day is Sun­day. She’s got­ten her moun­tain bike and cell phone already, and she’s bounc­ing around very hap­py. She and sam­bear and her friend C are going out to see a movie short­ly. She chose to have her birth­day par­ty in a few weeks.

I just learned of this com­mu­ni­ty for peo­ple who have friends/family mem­bers who have fibromyal­gia: Fibro­Daugh­ters.

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