Productive Day

Two articles I want sambear to read:
New ADHD Medication Affects Sleep Less
Melatonin Helps ADHD Insomnia

He’s having a terrible time sleeping lately. I wonder where we could get reliably pure Melatonin around here?

We’ve had an incredibly busy day. I forced my poor bear out the door this morning and we went to the bank, then to the Georgia Department of Revenue, then to the IRS, to straighten out some tax stuff. The IRS representative actually acknowledged that they’d screwed up when they “corrected” my 2000 return! So I should have more money coming in 3-4 weeks. Yay!

I made bunches of phone calls to get things off my to-do list. I hate making phone calls. But hey, we were out in the car or sitting around in offices, and Sam was on the phone from time to time taking care of business, so it seemed like the thing to do. I feel virtuous.

Yesterday was an “I’m glad we’re renting” day. I’d called earlier this week to get someone out to find out why the garbage disposal wasn’t working and mentioned that I thought we had a leak under the toilet in the hall bath (I kept cleaning the floor and it kept getting stained, and there was no other explanation). When the maintenance guy finally got to us, the disposal was dead instead of just needing the reset button pushed as he’d assumed (which was why he didn’t hurry to us), and he had to rebuild the toilet completely.

I’m glad he fixed them, but shouldn’t he have also cleaned up the mess he made? My sweetie did it, but I don’t think he should have HAD to clean up the guy’s mess.

shadowkatt‘s birthday is Sunday. She’s gotten her mountain bike and cell phone already, and she’s bouncing around very happy. She and sambear and her friend C are going out to see a movie shortly. She chose to have her birthday party in a few weeks.

I just learned of this community for people who have friends/family members who have fibromyalgia: FibroDaughters.

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