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Okay, I knew that the graph­ics class assign­ment that’s due a week from tonight involved doing a graph or chart, based on any data we choose. This is the sec­ond assign­ment that’ll go in the port­fo­lio to deter­mine the grade for the semester.

I was think­ing that I’d use the WHOA sta­tis­tics for the year so far since I do a sta­tis­tics report with those each year. Easy, huh?

Well, no. Because I’m look­ing at the sam­ples she’s show­ing us from stu­dents in pre­vi­ous class­es, and—dayum.

These charts and graphs use all kinds of neat graph­ics (not clip art, which is ver­boten) for the bars and back­grounds. Lit­tle Monop­oly-style hous­es for the units on a graph about hous­ing per­mits. A base­ball becomes a pie chart for game sta­tis­tics. A sub sand­wich is divid­ed into pieces by nutri­tion­al values.

They look like they’ve been pulled out of mag­a­zines instead of account­ing reports.

This isn’t an Excel thing. This is a Pho­to­shop thing. I have stead­fast­ly avoid­ed learn­ing Pho­to­shop because it’s so damned much pro­gram that I’m over­whelmed. Nice, free lit­tle Irfan­View does every­thing I’ve ever need­ed to do—cropping, resiz­ing, rotat­ing, etc.

I can’t think of any visu­al­ly inter­est­ing tie-in for the sta­tis­tics stuff, to be hon­est. I wish I could because they suck. Well, they’re clear and nice for what they are, thanks to sam­bear, but they’re BORING.

So—what to graph? Kinds of things I’ve stitched? Types of books we have around the house? Some­thing about music? I think I could most eas­i­ly find visu­al­ly inter­est­ing things for some­thing stitching-related.


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