The Bloglet explanation:

Bloglet is a service that allows you to set up a mailing list that will inform subscribers of new posts to your journal. sambear wanted to know when I and other people close to him post so he could go read the posts, and that’s the only thing I’ve found that might accomplish that automatically, so I set it up for a test.

There’s a subscription link in my user info. Anyone who subscribes to it gets an email with the text of public entries I make. It isn’t immediate, though—it gets updated whenever LJ gets around to updating the RSS feed for the journal. And it won’t do the friends-only or private posts, even if the subscriber is someone on my friends list.

So it isn’t a perfect solution at all, but I haven’t found anything that works better for what Sam wants yet. Suggestions are appreciated. What would be much better would be instant alerts whenever a chosen list of people update, rather than eventual alerts when people who have subscribed to Bloglet make public posts. I don’t know if I’ll keep Bloglet enabled or not.

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