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From SpamCop:
[18:36 EDT] We are now blocking over 7500 copies of the Sobig.f virus every hour. That’s more than 2 per second. Put another way, that’s over 1.6 Mbps of continuous virus traffic, non-stop since yesterday morning.

It’s thought that this damned thing was probably written by spammers. Explain to me again why we aren’t allowed to just kill them when they’re identified?

Okay, this is the first time I’ve ever been happy about NOT being as tall as I’d prefer:
Height, Weight Tied to Ovarian Cancer Risk

I know some of my friends are diabetic—I hope your doctors are better than those referred to in this article:
Type 1 Diabetes Driving Mishaps Common
“Most of the patients in our study say their doctors never spoke to them about hypoglycemia driving, even though they are legally liable to do so,” Daniel J. Cox, PhD, of the University of Virginia, tells WebMD. “There’s one case where a patient had a hypoglycemic stupor, drove off the road, and had a head-on collision that killed a mother and her daughter in other car. That patient and the family of the victim then sued the physician because he knew the patient was having hypoglycemia but never counseled him that he shouldn’t be driving under such conditions.”

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