Thursday Nattering

Today is not likely to be a very productive day. I have a doctor’s appointment across town, and then I’m going to meet a piano tuner at a friend’s house over there a few hours later, so I won’t be home until tonight. Most of the other things I need to do require being at home, so they’ll wait for tomorrow.

R&G did get on their plane safely. R was nasty to Sam again yesterday—no real surprise. It seems his normal way of interacting with damn near everybody, from what we’ve seen of him—including his friends and their parents. I don’t know why *anybody* puts up with that kind of crap. We certainly don’t. He begged Sam to buy him a newspaper, so Sam did. Then he had the nerve to bitch because it wasn’t the right newspaper, and he expected Sam to have read his mind!

No, that is not “just being a teen.” Not in the least.

Anyway—on with getting the guest room and office in order. I think I want to decorate the guest room in jewel tones. Maybe. I’m still thinking about it. Sam doesn’t want anything “too girly” in the master bedroom (can’t really say that I blame him), so I’m a little tempted to be more “girly” in the guestroom. That might not be terribly welcoming to male guests, though.

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