Swimming Pool Nuisance

Our complex has a “pool monitor” who is present during the day so that kids ages 10 and up can swim without their parents if they’ve passed a swimming test. That’s what the information we were given when we rented the place said. The kids have asked about the test, and the pool monitor said “don’t worry about it.” Since we know all three of our kids already passed a similar test at the Y, we didn’t worry about it.

Now the pool monitor has given G a piece of paper with “pool rules” on it that says she has to be at least 12 to swim without us. That makes no sense at all, and it means that many more of the kids in the complex just can’t use the pool unless their parents are with them. That means very few people will be using the pool during the week.

I called the office to find out which rule is correct and was told that there won’t be a pool monitor at all for the rest of the season. I asked why (look it’s just the beginning of August, there are at least two more months of good swimming time left here in Georgia) and was told “personal reasons.” I think that probably means he was fired. He was something of a jerk. (ga_sunshine, his wife is that nosy person who was coming up to look in the apartment windows and examining our cars really closely while we were moving in.)

I guess that’s why the neighborhood kids have been much noisier and more apparent this past week—they can’t go swimming. I don’t think the complex is going to find this a good thing at all.

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