Swimming Pool Nuisance

Our com­plex has a “pool mon­i­tor” who is present dur­ing the day so that kids ages 10 and up can swim with­out their par­ents if they’ve passed a swim­ming test. That’s what the infor­ma­tion we were giv­en when we rent­ed the place said. The kids have asked about the test, and the pool mon­i­tor said “don’t wor­ry about it.” Since we know all three of our kids already passed a sim­i­lar test at the Y, we did­n’t wor­ry about it.

Now the pool mon­i­tor has giv­en G a piece of paper with “pool rules” on it that says she has to be at least 12 to swim with­out us. That makes no sense at all, and it means that many more of the kids in the com­plex just can’t use the pool unless their par­ents are with them. That means very few peo­ple will be using the pool dur­ing the week.

I called the office to find out which rule is cor­rect and was told that there won’t be a pool mon­i­tor at all for the rest of the sea­son. I asked why (look it’s just the begin­ning of August, there are at least two more months of good swim­ming time left here in Geor­gia) and was told “per­son­al rea­sons.” I think that prob­a­bly means he was fired. He was some­thing of a jerk. (ga_sunshine, his wife is that nosy per­son who was com­ing up to look in the apart­ment win­dows and exam­in­ing our cars real­ly close­ly while we were mov­ing in.)

I guess that’s why the neigh­bor­hood kids have been much nois­i­er and more appar­ent this past week—they can’t go swim­ming. I don’t think the com­plex is going to find this a good thing at all.

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