Noël’s Meme

1. When did you first connect (“go online”), and how?
I believe my first connection was probably via the Atlanta Adam User’s Group BBS, which was called something like The Garden of Eden. That would have been in the early 80s, 1983 or so—I was still in high school. Daddy got one of the Coleco Adam computers and ended up being head of the local user group.

2. What was your first communications program?
I don’t honestly remember.

3. When did you first chat over the internet, and how?
Hmmm—my first *real* internet account was with MindSpring. I don’t think I did any “chatting” in the strictest sense, though. I had been an AOL user for a few years by then and had largely gotten over the whole chat thing.

4. What chat-type program(s) do you use now?
Yahoo Messenger and Trillian. I have IDs on MSN and ICQ and AIM. I just don’t like the fact that AIM won’t let me be invisible or only visible to select people like the others will. If I have a chat program open, I am usually invisible.

5. Who was your first service provider?
Again, my first true internet service provider was MindSpring in 1995 or so. I had tried Q-Link (AOL’s forerunner), Prodigy, Compuserve, and Genie around 1990 to see what they were like and had an AOL account for several years before going to MindSpring.

6. Did you ever use AOL?
See above.

7. Do you admit using AOL in public?

8. Who is your current ISP?
Comcast, which was AT&T Broadband, which was MediaOne, which was RoadRunner when we originally signed up for it.

9. What was the first computer that you used to access the ‘net?
The internet? A P-90. Online services in general? A Coleco Adam. I think it had maybe a 300 baud modem at best (maybe slower). My first PC of my very own was a 386DX with a 2400 baud modem that I used for telecommuting (in 1990). I kept trying to get my employer to upgrade to 9600 baud, but they thought that was just ridiculous—why would anybody need a modem that fast? 😉

10. What computer do you use to access the ‘net today?
It’s a Data General PC that Sam’s former employer tossed out and we salvaged.

11. What was your first ‘net handle?
I don’t remember any but my AOL account, and the main name I used there was CynthiaLyn.

12. Did you use any other handles for any length of time? If so, what were they?
FlameOpal was one. TLACYN was the screen name I used while working AOL’s Tech Live support channel. I think I was TeachCyn or something like that when working in the homework help room.

13. What ‘net handle do you normally use now?
TechnoMom since 1995.

14. Are you active on any websites other than LJ? If you’re willing to say, what ones?
Websites? No, not really. I largely stick to mailing lists and still follow a very few newsgroups.

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