Surprising Call

Well, that was an inter­est­ing call.

I just heard from Lewis, the execu­tor of Wayne’s estate, for the first time in about three years. Lewis made effu­sive promis­es right after Wayne died about how he’d promised Wayne that he’d be a “real Uncle” to Katie, how he and his fam­i­ly would make sure Katie stayed in con­tact with Wayne’s friends, etc. He reit­er­at­ed those promis­es to Katie. That has­n’t happened—obviously it’s a hell of a lot eas­i­er to make promis­es to a dying man and his lit­tle girl than it is to build or main­tain a rela­tion­ship. No, he just dis­ap­peared. We haven’t heard from any of Wayne’s oth­er friends, all of whom were “uncle” and “aunt” to Katie. They did have our con­tact information—and it’s very easy to find us online, as well.

From what Katie’s pater­nal grand­par­ents had said, I fig­ured that every­thing Wayne owned went to pay off his med­ical bills, which were exten­sive after bat­tling leukemia for two years. They had told me that the house he owned in Smyr­na was sold, and the pro­ceeds were used to pay off the debts that wife ran up and was­n’t pay­ing accord­ing to the divorce agree­ment (they talked at length about that one).

Any­way, appar­ent­ly, there is a small trust fund. Wayne’s girl­friend, Jack­ie, was the trustee, and she’s decid­ed she just does­n’t wan­na do it any­more. She made some very bad invest­ment deci­sions, and we have no idea what is left. But the estate is final­ly tru­ly set­tled, after three years, and Lewis is tak­ing over as the trustee. He wants me and Katie to meet with him and the lawyer in Dublin (Georgia—about 150 miles from here) this week. We’re try­ing to do it Tues­day after­noon, but he’ll have to let me know tomor­row if that works for the lawyer.

Any­way, what­ev­er is left can be used to help pay for Katie’s col­lege edu­ca­tion, so that is a relief. I’ll be glad to get this over with—I don’t rel­ish the dri­ve or the meet­ing. I’m hop­ing that per­haps we can arrange for Katie to see one of her friends in Dublin, but that’s unlike­ly with so lit­tle notice.

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