Surprising Call

Well, that was an interesting call.

I just heard from Lewis, the executor of Wayne’s estate, for the first time in about three years. Lewis made effusive promises right after Wayne died about how he’d promised Wayne that he’d be a “real Uncle” to Katie, how he and his family would make sure Katie stayed in contact with Wayne’s friends, etc. He reiterated those promises to Katie. That hasn’t happened—obviously it’s a hell of a lot easier to make promises to a dying man and his little girl than it is to build or maintain a relationship. No, he just disappeared. We haven’t heard from any of Wayne’s other friends, all of whom were “uncle” and “aunt” to Katie. They did have our contact information—and it’s very easy to find us online, as well.

From what Katie’s paternal grandparents had said, I figured that everything Wayne owned went to pay off his medical bills, which were extensive after battling leukemia for two years. They had told me that the house he owned in Smyrna was sold, and the proceeds were used to pay off the debts that wife #3 ran up and wasn’t paying according to the divorce agreement (they talked at length about that one).

Anyway, apparently, there is a small trust fund. Wayne’s girlfriend, Jackie, was the trustee, and she’s decided she just doesn’t wanna do it anymore. She made some very bad investment decisions, and we have no idea what is left. But the estate is finally truly settled, after three years, and Lewis is taking over as the trustee. He wants me and Katie to meet with him and the lawyer in Dublin (Georgia—about 150 miles from here) this week. We’re trying to do it Tuesday afternoon, but he’ll have to let me know tomorrow if that works for the lawyer.

Anyway, whatever is left can be used to help pay for Katie’s college education, so that is a relief. I’ll be glad to get this over with—I don’t relish the drive or the meeting. I’m hoping that perhaps we can arrange for Katie to see one of her friends in Dublin, but that’s unlikely with so little notice.

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