Good Morning!

Good morning! I’m sure it is for someone, right?

Okay, it isn’t a bad morning for me, except that my meds are being tweaked again so I’m back to the headache from hell. Hopefully it’ll be gone soon. And my overall pain level is actually much better, thanks to Reiki from justcallmeacorn yesterday. Thank you!

Friends arrived overnight—or at least, I’m assuming they arrived, considering the baby bottle stuff in the kitchen. I was soundly unconscious, so I haven’t seen them yet. They’re sleeping downstairs and I don’t want to wake them ’til they’re ready to get up. I miss shadowkatt terribly, but the timing is actually good—they can use her room and our kids’ lives aren’t really disrupted much at all.

sambear was up coughing again last night for much of the night. I’m going to call his doctor to see if she can see him again today, as he was expected to be fit to return to work. Oh yeah—guess I should call his office, too.

We rearranged furniture again over the weekend, continuing through yesterday. People who come here much simply expect that furniture will have moved between one visit and the next. I figure I’ll get it all “right” just as we move to a new place 🙂

littlefirefae‘s drawing table is in the office now. It gets lovely light and she has a great view. Keeping it from getting cluttered with other things piled on it is difficult, but we’re working on it. That would be far easier if it were tilted at a greater angle, but she lost the knob that adjusts the angle, so it’s nearly flat right now.

I have so many things on my to-do list, and of course, it’s the ones that I don’t HAVE to do that I want to do first. Things like making the Samba server act as a fax server (not that I have much need to fax things, but hey—I wanna) and act as a PDF printer for the Windows machines. I’m intrigued by the articles I’ve found on both of those subjects.

Yes, procrastination via LJ—it’s a common thing, isn’t it?

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