Weekly WrapUp: Beauty

Okay – who was it asking if appearances matter this week? Did you know ahead of time about this week’s weeklywrapup?

1. What is your definition of “beauty”? Has this changed over time?
Oh my. I’ve seen and heard and felt and made beauty. It’s what feels absolutely true and right when it happens. There was definitely a time when I had a much more conventional idea of beauty that was limited to appearance.

2. Who (famous or not famous) do you think is beautiful? Why?
I think it would be far easier for me to list those that I don’t find beautiful, but it would be extremely unkind for me to do so. I prefer not to dwell on them, anyway.

3. Is it possible to be both beautiful and ugly? How?
Hmm. It’s possible to be what I consider beautiful while having an appearance that most would call ugly, and vice versa. My personal ideas of beauty and its opposite can’t exist together, though.

4. Why does society place so much emphasis on beauty? Will this ever change? Why or why not?
I think appearances are simply the easiest way for most people to judge other people, objects, etc. And honestly, people, in general, are lazy, so I doubt that will change. What is considered “beautiful” has changed and will change, but the emphasis on it has always been there and probably always will be there.

5. How does beauty vary from culture to culture? Is there a particular culture’s definition of beauty that you admire? Why?
That which is valued does vary to some extent from culture to culture, and even in the same culture at different points in time. Most of what is valued seems to relate to that which indicates economic success. And no, I can’t think of any particular cultural standard of beauty that I admire at the moment.

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