I must now officially declare that it is totally beyond my abilities (and priorities) to get caught up on LJ. There are well over 1000 entries since I last read everything, so I’m not trying anymore.

I rebuilt this PC over the weekend. I’m still very cross because I wanted to put Win2000 on it instead of WinME, and my installation CDs for Win2000 are damaged. Grrr. Actually, I was toying with making this a Linux/Windows multi-boot machine, but Sam insists that I’m just asking for trouble if I do that.

My old copies of both Partition Magic and System Commander were on floppies (yes, they’re REALLY old!) and are no longer readable. I guess I could contact the companies about replacing the media, but they’d probably laugh at me with software that old.

And for some reason, this silly thing has decided that it doesn’t like the onboard audio anymore since the rebuild. There are no resource conflicts, but it’s just making that dreadful constant stuttering sound that Windoze makes when there is an audio conflict. I’ve removed and added it back and so on with no luck. There’s no new hardware present other than an old modem, and the conflict was present before I added the modem (which I want to use for faxes). Setting up the fax modem on the server would be much better, actually. I’m a wee bit nervous about driver issues—it was a bitch to track down drivers for it for Windows. But it would be lovely to be able to share the fax and send it from the other machines.

Sam upgraded the server to Red Hat Linux 8 as something of a trial run. It’s running quite nicely. The next step is to actually redo it from scratch—not a rebuild. We have a marvelous 160GB hard drive to use in starting clean. It had a 20GB and a 10GB drive before, so this will be a lovely change.

I have one of those stupid questions that shows that I don’t really know that much about running a Linux server. We run Samba, and we want the kids to be able to log in to their Samba accounts from any PC. But we don’t want them to be able to log on to the actual server itself. Since we can’t exactly lock that machine away in a server room, I’m not sure of how to do that. Clues from the alpha geeks out there?

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