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I’ve offi­cial­ly been accept­ed to South­ern Poly. My tran­scripts haven’t been eval­u­at­ed yet, and they’re behind due to a glitch in a new appli­ca­tion they’re using to auto­mate the process (still work­ing on tran­scripts for peo­ple who start­ed class­es last month!). But I did man­age to speak to some­one who actu­al­ly DOES the eval­u­a­tions. She said that my core cred­its will count for every­thing but math even though they’re so old. And my advi­sor MIGHT be able to get me cred­it for the math—so here’s hoping!

I have this math pho­bia, see (yes, I did get a 700 on the SAT math sec­tion, and I was on the math team in high school and per­formed well on it—it’s a pho­bia, not a ratio­nal thing, okay?). I took pre­cal­cu­lus when I start­ed school at Agnes Scott because it was­n’t cal­cu­lus and I knew I’d already cov­ered that mate­r­i­al and would­n’t have a prob­lem with it. I eas­i­ly to a very high A. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, Agnes Scott uses what’s called “hang­ing cred­it.” While it was only a one-quar­ter class, it was part of a sequence that last­ed a full year, and they don’t give out cred­it until the end of the year. So I had to take pre­cal­cu­lus AGAIN when I was at Dekalb Col­lege (now Geor­gia Perime­ter Col­lege). And again, I got a very high A. It was a darned good thing I already knew the mate­r­i­al, too, because the teacher did­n’t actu­al­ly speak Eng­lish as far as I could tell.

BUT—I still might have to take the class again at SPSU. I am going to be the best-pre­cal­cu­lused per­son in the world who nev­er flunked a class.

Sev­er­al women I know have men­tioned hav­ing prob­lems with arousal, espe­cial­ly while tak­ing some anti­de­pres­sants. This stuff might help, no RX needed.

I could eas­i­ly spend hours brows­ing Com­mon Errors in Eng­lish. Oh wait, I did! An hour, at the very least. I knew most of the errors list­ed WERE wrong, but I could­n’t say why. I “just knew” which isn’t very help­ful when try­ing to help some­one change their habits!

I’m fre­quent­ly annoyed by the mis­use of bring and take right here in our home. The rule is:
When you are view­ing the move­ment of some­thing from the point of arrival, use “bring”: “When you come to the potluck, please bring a green sal­ad.” View­ing things from the point of depar­ture, you should use “take”: “When you go to the potluck, take a bot­tle of wine.”

Filk­ers arrive to prac­tice at 2. I must go get ready!

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