Follow­ing ericd­abear’s lead

***spell your first name back­ward: aihtnyC—was there a point to that?
***the sto­ry behind your lj user name: It was the title on my busi­ness cards when I worked at Mind­Spring years ago. It’s my domain name. I’ve used it since, um, 1995?
***are you gay/bi?: Bi.
***where do you live?: Sub­urbs of Atlanta, GA, USA
***describe your­self in four words: Right now I’m chilly, sore, sleepy, and thirsty. Over­all? fat, female, loved, quiet

describe your…
***wal­let: It’s dark blue, the kind you can put a check­book in (though I don’t use it that way). It was a gift from shad­owkatt and much appreciated.
***hair­brush: It’s some kind of very dark brown wood and I got it and a match­ing comb free at The Body Shop years ago. It’s large and sor­ta pad­dle-shaped and has giv­en sev­er­al peo­ple inter­est­ing ideas.
***jew­el­ry worn dai­ly: I always wear a bracelet on my left wrist that is a sym­bol of my rela­tion­ship with sam­bear. I try to remem­ber to put on my watch if I leave the house, but I’m not so good about that lately.
***pil­low cov­er: What, the pil­low­case? It’s dark blue flan­nel and match­es the sheets.
***blan­ket: We use two quilts that my grand­moth­er made. Both are king-sized. One is a dou­ble-wed­ding ring quilt. The oth­er is a unique uni­corn quilt she cre­at­ed just for me as a high school grad­u­a­tion present because I loved uni­corns when I was a teenager.
***cof­fee cup: I use sev­er­al. sam­bear made a beau­ti­ful one just for me a while back, but it devel­oped a crack down the side and I retired it to the altar so as not to ruin it.
***sun­glass­es: Well, I hate them, but they are these big thin­gies designed to go over my reg­u­lar glass­es. Should I ever get con­tacts again, I have small­er ones that I like—sam­bear refers to them as my “Earth Girls Are Easy” glasses.
***under­wear: I’m not wear­ing any.
***boots: Don’t have any right now. Want them. A lot.
***favorite shirt: The black cot­ton poet/peasant blouse I bought recent­ly, then found that god­dessin­ga had bought exact­ly the same one, so we match.
***cologne/perfume: I don’t usu­al­ly wear any. I have a cou­ple of essen­tial oils from The Body Shop that I can wear, but I just don’t think about them. I real­ly loved Maroc, which was dis­con­tin­ued years ago. Ah.
***cd in stereo right now: Deva Pre­mal’s Love is Space, which John brought to us on New Year’s Eve (thank you!)
***what you are wear­ing now: Jeans, long-sleeved black tee, noth­ing on my feet
***in my mouth: My tongue? Teeth?
***in my head: Con­ver­sa­tion with sam­bear. And feel­ing guilty that we did­n’t go vis­it tri­est yes­ter­day, and wor­ry­ing about him. Mus­ings about the per­son­al­i­ty type stuff we dis­cussed with the fam­i­ly ther­a­pist last night.
***wish­ing: A genie would sud­den­ly dump large quan­ti­ties of tax-free mon­ey in my house?
***after this: Oh, pos­si­bly clean­ing house a bit. Or fil­ing. What fun! Hmmm…curling up with a quilt and a book sounds much more appealing.
***talk­ing to: sam­bear, noelfi­gart and isar­ma
***eat­ing: Nothing
***fetish­es: None
***if you could get away with it and mur­der any­one, who and for what rea­son? 1) That would be a stu­pid thing to tell, now would­n’t it? I mean, I name some­one, and he/she sud­den­ly steps in front of a bus, and I’m sud­den­ly a sus­pect! Nope, I don’t think you’ll find many Scor­pios answer­ing this ques­tion. 2) I don’t hate any­one, though there are peo­ple I despise. I think I’d have to hate some­one to actu­al­ly seek to kill them. I can eas­i­ly see killing some­one in self-defense or while defend­ing anoth­er, but not mur­der­ing anyone.
***per­son you wish you could see right now: sam­bear, shad­owkatt, god­dessin­ga, and greyknight espe­cial­ly. There are oth­ers, but those I always miss when they aren’t with me.
***what’s next to you: Water bot­tle I need to go refill. Kleenex box. PDA in its cra­dle. Shel­ley isn’t next to me, she’s lay­ing across my arms. Lit­er­al­ly. Inter­est­ing way to type, but I’m get­ting more and more accus­tomed to it lately.
***some of your favorite movies: I’m not sure they count any­more, but I will watch these even though I’ve seen them before. Prac­ti­cal Mag­ic, Galaxy Quest, Princess Bride, Fel­low­ship of the Ring, Mon­ty Python’s Holy Grail, Choco­lat, Bull Durham, A Fish Called Wanda
***some­thing you’re look­ing for­ward to in the upcom­ing month: More time with our sweet­ies. Our first per­for­mance with Try­bal­a­ka. Meet­ing fae­bouche and see­ing some oth­er peo­ple. House­filk. Um, there’s some­thing I’m for­get­ting, I know it.
***Some­thing that you are death­ly afraid of: Death­ly? Like, I would­n’t face that some­thing for any rea­son? Noth­ing. Not at all. There’s noth­ing I absolute­ly would not face if nec­es­sary for the good of the peo­ple I love. I have a tor­na­do pho­bia and I’m claus­tro­pho­bic. I don’t like loud nois­es or big crowds. But I can deal with any of the above when necessary.
***do you like incense? Some scents, yes.
***do you like the taste of blood? What? No.
***do you believe in love? Certainly.
***do you believe in soul mates? No. There are peo­ple to whom I feel deeply con­nect­ed, but I don’t believe there’s One True Love fat­ed for each per­son. I’ve seen a lot of nasty stu­pid­i­ty done in the name of the soul mate bull­shit, so I have a very neg­a­tive reac­tion to the phrase now.
***do you believe in love at first sight? Not unless it’s the first time I laid eyes on my baby, no. I believe peo­ple can expe­ri­ence an incred­i­ble attrac­tion to each oth­er at first sight, but not any­thing I’d tru­ly call love.
***do you believe in for­give­ness? Yes.
***who is your worst ene­my? I don’t con­sid­er myself to be the ene­my of any­one, because I refuse to put a lot of ener­gy into neg­a­tiv­i­ty. There are, how­ev­er, sev­er­al peo­ple who I know to have active­ly sought to do harm to me and mine recent­ly, so they have made them­selves ene­mies to me and I will defend my fam­i­ly any time they man­age to push them­selves into our lives. I see no rea­son to feed into their weird­ness­es by nam­ing them, though.
***if you could have any ani­mal for a pet, what would it be? There are four cats who share this house with us and for whom we pro­vide food and oth­er ameni­ties. I don’t believe they’d con­sid­er them­selves our pets—we’re more like staff most of the time. I’d sor­ta like to have hors­es, but they’d have to come with lots of mon­ey and peo­ple to take care of them.
***what are five cities you would­n’t mind relo­cat­ing to? Athens, GA. Um, that’s about it right now.
***what are some of your favorite pig-out foods? I don’t like to pig out. It feels gross.
***what’s some­thing that you wish peo­ple would under­stand? You can’t change any­one but your­self. You aren’t in con­trol of any­one but your­self. You are not respon­si­ble for the actions, thoughts, or emo­tions of any­one but yourself.
***what’s some­thing you wish you could under­stand bet­ter? How to com­mu­ni­cate effec­tive­ly across sev­er­al very dif­fer­ent styles/personality/learning types.

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