Following ericdabear‘s lead

***spell your first name backward: aihtnyC—was there a point to that?
***the story behind your lj user name: It was the title on my business cards when I worked at MindSpring years ago. It’s my domain name. I’ve used it since, um, 1995?
***are you gay/bi?: Bi.
***where do you live?: Suburbs of Atlanta, GA, USA
***describe yourself in four words: Right now I’m chilly, sore, sleepy, and thirsty. Overall? fat, female, loved, quiet

describe your…
***wallet: It’s dark blue, the kind you can put a checkbook in (though I don’t use it that way). It was a gift from shadowkatt and much appreciated.
***hairbrush: It’s some kind of very dark brown wood and I got it and a matching comb free at The Body Shop years ago. It’s large and sorta paddle-shaped and has given several people interesting ideas.
***jewelry worn daily: I always wear a bracelet on my left wrist that is a symbol of my relationship with sambear. I try to remember to put on my watch if I leave the house, but I’m not so good about that lately.
***pillow cover: What, the pillowcase? It’s dark blue flannel and matches the sheets.
***blanket: We use two quilts that my grandmother made. Both are king-sized. One is a double-wedding ring quilt. The other is a unique unicorn quilt she created just for me as a high school graduation present because I loved unicorns when I was a teenager.
***coffee cup: I use several. sambear made a beautiful one just for me a while back, but it developed a crack down the side and I retired it to the altar so as not to ruin it.
***sunglasses: Well, I hate them, but they are these big thingies designed to go over my regular glasses. Should I ever get contacts again, I have smaller ones that I like—sambear refers to them as my “Earth Girls Are Easy” glasses.
***underwear: I’m not wearing any.
***boots: Don’t have any right now. Want them. A lot.
***favorite shirt: The black cotton poet/peasant blouse I bought recently, then found that goddessinga had bought exactly the same one, so we match.
***cologne/perfume: I don’t usually wear any. I have a couple of essential oils from The Body Shop that I can wear, but I just don’t think about them. I really loved Maroc, which was discontinued years ago. Ah.
***cd in stereo right now: Deva Premal’s Love is Space, which John brought to us on New Year’s Eve (thank you!)
***what you are wearing now: Jeans, long-sleeved black tee, nothing on my feet
***in my mouth: My tongue? Teeth?
***in my head: Conversation with sambear. And feeling guilty that we didn’t go visit triest yesterday, and worrying about him. Musings about the personality type stuff we discussed with the family therapist last night.
***wishing: A genie would suddenly dump large quantities of tax-free money in my house?
***after this: Oh, possibly cleaning house a bit. Or filing. What fun! Hmmm…curling up with a quilt and a book sounds much more appealing.
***talking to: sambear, noelfigart and isarma
***eating: Nothing
***fetishes: None
***if you could get away with it and murder anyone, who and for what reason? 1) That would be a stupid thing to tell, now wouldn’t it? I mean, I name someone, and he/she suddenly steps in front of a bus, and I’m suddenly a suspect! Nope, I don’t think you’ll find many Scorpios answering this question. 2) I don’t hate anyone, though there are people I despise. I think I’d have to hate someone to actually seek to kill them. I can easily see killing someone in self-defense or while defending another, but not murdering anyone.
***person you wish you could see right now: sambear, shadowkatt, goddessinga, and greyknight especially. There are others, but those I always miss when they aren’t with me.
***what’s next to you: Water bottle I need to go refill. Kleenex box. PDA in its cradle. Shelley isn’t next to me, she’s laying across my arms. Literally. Interesting way to type, but I’m getting more and more accustomed to it lately.
***some of your favorite movies: I’m not sure they count anymore, but I will watch these even though I’ve seen them before. Practical Magic, Galaxy Quest, Princess Bride, Fellowship of the Ring, Monty Python’s Holy Grail, Chocolat, Bull Durham, A Fish Called Wanda
***something you’re looking forward to in the upcoming month: More time with our sweeties. Our first performance with Trybalaka. Meeting faebouche and seeing some other people. Housefilk. Um, there’s something I’m forgetting, I know it.
***Something that you are deathly afraid of: Deathly? Like, I wouldn’t face that something for any reason? Nothing. Not at all. There’s nothing I absolutely would not face if necessary for the good of the people I love. I have a tornado phobia and I’m claustrophobic. I don’t like loud noises or big crowds. But I can deal with any of the above when necessary.
***do you like incense? Some scents, yes.
***do you like the taste of blood? What? No.
***do you believe in love? Certainly.
***do you believe in soul mates? No. There are people to whom I feel deeply connected, but I don’t believe there’s One True Love fated for each person. I’ve seen a lot of nasty stupidity done in the name of the soul mate bullshit, so I have a very negative reaction to the phrase now.
***do you believe in love at first sight? Not unless it’s the first time I laid eyes on my baby, no. I believe people can experience an incredible attraction to each other at first sight, but not anything I’d truly call love.
***do you believe in forgiveness? Yes.
***who is your worst enemy? I don’t consider myself to be the enemy of anyone, because I refuse to put a lot of energy into negativity. There are, however, several people who I know to have actively sought to do harm to me and mine recently, so they have made themselves enemies to me and I will defend my family any time they manage to push themselves into our lives. I see no reason to feed into their weirdnesses by naming them, though.
***if you could have any animal for a pet, what would it be? There are four cats who share this house with us and for whom we provide food and other amenities. I don’t believe they’d consider themselves our pets—we’re more like staff most of the time. I’d sorta like to have horses, but they’d have to come with lots of money and people to take care of them.
***what are five cities you wouldn’t mind relocating to? Athens, GA. Um, that’s about it right now.
***what are some of your favorite pig-out foods? I don’t like to pig out. It feels gross.
***what’s something that you wish people would understand? You can’t change anyone but yourself. You aren’t in control of anyone but yourself. You are not responsible for the actions, thoughts, or emotions of anyone but yourself.
***what’s something you wish you could understand better? How to communicate effectively across several very different styles/personality/learning types.

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