sam­bear occa­sion­al­ly brings me nail pol­ish or lip­stick or some­thing like that. This week, it’s lip gloss. One is a Bonne Bell Dr. Pep­per Lips­mack­er. The oth­er is Bonne Bell Flip Gloss Shim­mers, Cher­ry Zinger fla­vor. shad­owkatt was so fascinated…

Good Stuff

Today’s mail con­tained some good but very dif­fer­ent stuff. Good­ness is love in action, love with its hand to the plow. ‑James Hamil­ton I found lots of good­ness this morn­ing in the com­ments fol­low­ing the pic­ture post last night—thank you 🙂 Anoth­er word…


The sweet com­ments from every­one about the new user icons have been a real con­fi­dence builder—thank you! I’m try­ing to fig­ure out which of these larg­er pic­tures to actu­al­ly use on a web­site or some­thing. Opin­ions? Cur­rent Mood: 🙁uncom­fort­able

Astrology Stuff

I’m not real­ly a “believ­er” in astrol­o­gy. I do think that, like many oth­er things, it can be used to bring things we “know” on some­how up to a con­scious lev­el of aware­ness so that we can exam­ine and make…


YES! Final­ly, the Fire­fly pilot episode will be shown! Fri­day, Decem­ber 20 from 8–10pm on Fox. Please watch it! This is the only TV show I both­er to watch at all any more. It’s won­der­ful! Cur­rent Mood: 🙂excit­ed

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