Health Update

Ack. Katie’s got the hor­ri­ble crud! I sus­pect­ed she was get­ting it a cou­ple of days ago, but, “Oh no, I feel fine! I’m just fine!” and she kept on insist­ing that despite using more and more tis­sues. And this morn­ing she’s got The Cough. I’d hap­pi­ly deal with this myself for anoth­er week if it meant my baby did­n’t suf­fer through it.

I’m get­ting anoth­er of those dan­ged ulcers in my throat, just as the oth­ers are final­ly gone. I was up for much of the night coughing—which meant sam­bear was also up. We’re both drag­ging bad­ly today.

An acci­dent involv­ing the vapor­iz­er last night ruined a piece of stitch­ing I was doing and some irre­place­able photographs—and the top of my dress­er is now per­ma­nent­ly warped and stained. I had­n’t got­ten all that far on the stitch­ing, but it’s a $30 piece of fab­ric. At least that can be replaced.

On a lighter note, I just released the kit­tens from the mas­ter bath­room for the third time since last night. Some­how, they keep shut­ting them­selves in there. When released, they glare at the per­son open­ing the door because it must be her fault, right? And then run across her bare feet, dig­ging deeply with their claws for trac­tion. OW!

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