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We watched Galaxy Quest last night. That’s always fun. It’s one of the movies I want to own on DVD, but we sorta need to get a DVD player.

Katie is doing her math, then she’s going to finish reading A Midsummer Night’s Dream—she just picked it up out of curiosity, and she’s loving it. I figure that since she’s definitely getting the jokes and can describe the plot and characters, she must not be having any trouble at all with the language. sambear rented a video of the movie version yesterday and we’ll all watch it tonight.

We’re trying to find a not-onerous way to keep up with all the stuff Katie does online, like the NY Times Daily Lesson Plan, that is educational but isn’t a book/worksheet/paper/etc. She’s trying to just keep a log with dates and URLs and notes, but I think there’s got to be some better way to do it.

I have to admit that I’m enjoying having time with just Katie and Sam. While G & R are 10 and 13 years old, they require a level of supervision closer to what I expect of 5/6-year-olds, and they generate a LOT of stress and conflict when they’re here.

The dog woke me way before my medication wore off this morning, so I have the migraine thing happening again. Ugh.

I’m reading all the weekend recaps in my friends’ LJs and realizing that I have an awfully boring life. It wasn’t always like this, really. Maybe it’ll be more interesting again if I can manage to shake this danged depression.

You know, I’ve gotten SO spoiled with the whole peer-to-peer networking thing. Most of the time when I see a reference to an unfamiliar song in the news or hear it in conversation, I go download the song and listen to it. Sometimes I’ll see a reference to something unfamiliar in the “now playing” part of one of your entries, download it, and then look for more by the same artist if I really like it. (Yes, we do buy CDs for the good stuff.) But I don’t think Katie will ever understand that Billy Joel lyric about “there’s a new band in town/but you can’t get the sound/from a story in a magazine” since she downloads songs by anybody she reads about, too.

We were given a 486 by someone a couple of weeks ago. It’s sitting downstairs and doesn’t want to talk to its hard drive. I thought we’d just pass it on to Goodwill (Freebytes doesn’t want anything that isn’t at least a Pentium), but now we’re thinking of putting a new hard drive and controller in it, installing Linux, and turning it into a dedicated MP3 box.

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