Eleven things

List three things about your part­ner that make you jeal­ous (I’d say envi­ous, not jealous—that’s a dif­fer­ent thing for me.)
1. His abil­i­ty to play. I was­n’t even good at it as a kid. I real­ly was­n’t good at being a kid.
2. His abil­i­ty to put up with pure crap. I know it’s because he had a decade of mar­riage to a hell­beast for train­ing, and I would­n’t be will­ing to go through it myself, but it does come in handy at times.
3. Con­nec­tions to friends from his childhood—mostly gam­ing buddies.

List three tastes your part­ner has that you’ll nev­er share:
1. Video games
2. Most tech­no music
3. Zaxby’s

List three tastes your part­ner will nev­er share with you
1. Stitching
2. Cheese grits
3. The one Wait­ress­es CD I have

List one taste you’ve acquired from your partner:

List one taste your part­ner has acquired from you:
Saf­fire the Uppi­ty Blues Women

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