News Flash: Decatur Teen Comes Home Early From Date!

What a weirdo! I mean, you’d think these kids were being, I don’t know, respon­si­ble or some­thing! Just because she has an appoint­ment ear­ly in the morn­ing, she came home early. 

Kids these days! I don’t think I ever got home an hour and a half before curfew.

Maybe she’s smarter than I was. Hmmm.

But, real­ly, she should have giv­en us a warn­ing. She caught us podcasting!

One Reply to “News Flash: Decatur Teen Comes Home Early From Date!”

  1. Ha! If my boys were home before cur­few it’s only because we picked the up from the Sher­if­f’s Sta­tion first.

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