Book Review: In Session by M.J. Rose

In Session: Dr. Morgan Snow with Steve Berry's Cotton Malone, Lee Child's Jack Reacher & Barry Eisler's John RainIn Session: Dr. Morgan Snow with Steve Berry’s Cotton Malone, Lee Child’s Jack Reacher & Barry Eisler’s John Rain by M.J. Rose
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I’ve never read anything by any of these authors before, so my perspective on this piece is probably going to be skewed compared to that of most readers/listeners. However, it was free on Audible briefly and looked interesting, so I added it to my library. I happened to be in the car for a long time today and this is what I had downloaded on my iPad, so this is one of the things that I listened to.

I found all three stories to be very engaging and found myself interested in reading more about each character involved in the stories. What fascinated me the most, though, was Rose’s account of how the stories were written – the different ways the authors chose to work with her, how she prepared to write from the point of view of other authors’ very well-known heroes, and so on. I would recommend this to anyone interested in writing as a creative endeavor for that portion in particular.

The fact that the narrators who normally perform the voices of each character in their own series appeared in this performance adds an additional touch of professionalism to the recording, as well.

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