9 Replies to “My name is Cynthia, and I am a roleplaying addict”

  1. A fum­bled that sav­ing throw, myself. 

    Is it real­ly greed, though, to want more of some­thing so good?

  2. Sav­ing throws… Man that brings up mem­o­ries of long ago. High school to be exact. I miss play­ing D&D with my bud­dies. Those were some of the best moments in an oth­er­wise hor­ri­ble high school experience.

  3. Do you still play? I did­n’t start gam­ing until I was in my 30s, after meet­ing my partner.

  4. No I don’t play them any­more. It’s not for lack of desire, mind you. Just nobody I know is into that stuff now. I used to play D&D, Star Wars, and a Twi­light 2000/Marvel hybrid. I was good at fig­ur­ing my way around vicious game mas­ter plots.

  5. We most­ly play in per­son. We did some online RPing for the After Seren­i­ty pod­cast, which was fun, and Sam has exper­i­ment­ed with it in Sec­ond Life, but I pre­fer the real-time social interaction.

  6. Yeah I always liked that bet­ter too. You have a lot more cre­ative games that way, and some good laughs as well! 🙂

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